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Features & Benefits
  • Utilize the route tree to read routes and gain an advantage in shutting down the passing game
  • Teach your players to apply speed and power to their tackles
Next Level Training: Ultimate Defensive Back Skills and DrillsNext Level Training: Ultimate Defensive Back Skills and Drills
with Donovin Darius, founder and CEO of Next Level Training; former defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars; first round NFL draft pick (25th overall); 1998 NFL All Rookie Team; 1997 Big East Defensive Player of the Year; 2x All Big East selection while at Syracuse

Donovin Darius, a 10-year NFL veteran safety, brings a wealth of experience to the defensive back position. In this detailed DVD he teaches you the skills and drills that helped him become the Big East Defensive Player of the Year during his college playing career and ultimately a first round draft pick.

The drills in this video are demonstrated by youth, middle and high school players. Coach Darius starts with the basics for both the corner back and safety positions and progresses to more advanced techniques.

Stance and Start
A defensive back must have the ability to explode out of his stance and engage and lock onto a receiver in space. This all begins with the stance and start. Discover why your front foot is important and what to do and not to do with your back foot. You will learn all of the footwork you need to neutralize fleet-footed wide receivers.

Build Momentum When Back Pedaling
The Pace Drill will develop a defensive back's internal clock by helping him recognize short routes, medium routes and deep routes. Your defensive back will learn why the first three steps are important and why a 15 yard back pedal is vital.

The Defensive Back Route Tree
Learning the Defensive Back Route Tree will help neutralize the physical skills of any explosive wide receiver. This drill will teach your defensive backs to plant, break, and drive while using the correct angle. These drills emphasize how to read a route, what to do with your eyes and catching the ball at its highest point.

Train Your Eyes
The ability to train your eyes will prevent your defensive backs from becoming victims of double moves and out-and-up routes. You will learn when to turn your eyes to the quarterback as you break on the wide receiver.

Outside and Slot Receivers
There is different footwork used for each wide receiver. You will learn how to finish to the wide receiver, attempt to strip the football and then secure the tackle.

Coverage Keys, Cover 1 and Cover 2
As a defensive back you must understand Alignment, Assignment, Run/Pass Key, Technique and Finish. Coach Darius explains how outside versus inside receiver coverage varies and what players must do to cover both effectively. He explains run and pass keys and provides drills to help you understand how to engage receivers in zone and man coverages.

Also included in this video is a variety of ways to strip the ball from the wide receiver.

Coach Darius provides just the right amount of information on fundamental techniques, secondary coverage and drills so that coaches and players can easily absorb the information. Coaches at the youth, middle and high school levels will find this video invaluable to improving their performance on game day.

82 minutes. 2013.

Next Level Training: Mastering Open Field and Leverage TacklingNext Level Training: Mastering Open Field and Leverage Tackling
with Donovin Darius, founder and CEO of Next Level Training; former defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars; first round NFL draft pick (25th overall); 1998 NFL All Rookie Team; 1997 Big East Defensive Player of the Year; 2x All Big East selection while at Syracuse

Tackling is one of the most important skills when it comes to playing great defense. In addition, it is critical to keep your players and team safe.

Focusing on the fundamentals of shoulder tackling, Coach Darius takes you step-by-step, through tackling position drills that will ensure your players are secure in their fundamental tackling techniques and consistently making tackles.

Using drills to simulate game situations, Darius shows you two types of tackles, open field tackles and leverage tackles. Open field tackles may be inside out or outside in, while leverage tackles are head on.

Coach Darius breaks down tackling technique into four areas:

  • Speed zone
  • Come to balance
  • Shuffle
  • Pull the trigger
He reinforces the importance of staying square in your shuffle so as not to get beat by a counter move or overextend yourself due to speed. His drills will train your athletes to tackle leading with the same foot and shoulder, which allows leverage to be maintained on contact and reduces the chance of getting "run-over."

You'll also learn to deliver the "upper cut" while tackling, which reinforces the proper use of the arms on contact - essential to good tackling. He breaks it down with specific coaching cues and steps that can be used in-season with pads or as an off-season drill dressed in t-shirts and shorts.

While most of the video is based on solo tackling, Coach Darius demonstrates an alley drill that uses two tacklers while still utilizing all of the techniques taught in the video. Paying attention to the teaching points of the drill, he develops his players' techniques and confidence through repetition, repetition, repetition.

Observation and interjection are the foundations of Coach Darius' coaching. His drills are basic and to the point. His teaching points are easy to understand and observe. His philosophy of building confidence in the player while they learn tackling technique is strategic. His drills for improving tackling techniques are applicable to any age group. This is a must have video for any program or any player!

Using these techniques will help you not only be great at tackling but also help protect your players from injury.

51 minutes. 2013.

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