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Dave Cisar Youth Football Clinic 4-Pack

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Dave Cisar Youth Football Clinic 4-Pack
on August 31, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by TedSeay

Ever find yourself named as head coach of a youth football organization? Especially one with little or no history of past success? Dave Cisar and his 4-DVD set of coaching materials are your best friends.

Coach Cisar applies a fundamental set of principles to every aspect of football organization, from setting up practices to fine-tuning special teams schemes.

He shows how using time wisely is your best and easiest force multiplier as a coach, and supplies suggestions on how to set up every phase of a team.

In short, Coach Cisar prevents you from having to waste time, money and effort re-inventing the wheel when you start up a new youth football program or taking over an ailing organization.

Another reviewer has suggested that Coach Cisar's materials are very basic and that equivalent material can be found for free on YouTube. Talk about missing the forest for the trees -- I dare anyone to find a true system of organization akin to Coach Cisar's anywhere.

(I'll guarantee that I know two things about the reviewer in question:

1) He has been heard to shout the immortal coaching phrase "Just hit somebody" from the sidelines; and

2) He has a copy of "We Own This Game", and hopes to get it autographed someday by members of the coaching staff of the Palmetto Raiders.)

If you are serious about coaching youth football, don't want to repeat every mistake in the book, and don't have the time to duplicate Coach Dave Cisar's several decades of championship football experience, do yourself a big favor and buy his DVD set. You'll thank me later.

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Dave Cisar Youth Football Clinic 4-Pack
on November 10, 2011
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by NorthWestRider

Real basic simple stuff here. Not anything you can't find on YouTube for free. To tell you the truth the best part of this set is the pdf file that you get on one of the DVD. That was allot more helpful than the DVD. Don't get me wrong you will get some insight on putting together a single wing offense and some adjustments based on what kind of defense you’re facing but nothing real deep. These DVD are fine for that one to two year team but a 3rd year team should be well beyond what this is teaching.

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