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with Bert Williams,
Georgia Military College Head Coach,
2001 National Champions

If anyone knows how to beat the 3-5-3, it's Bert Williams. The 3-5-3 defense is extremely difficult to attack --- here are a few reasons:

  • Teams cannot utilize the weak side run without using motion - makes their offense predictable.
  • By having five linebackers/strong safeties on the field, your players are able to recover fast and make plays when offensive backs bounce outside.
  • It is a rule breaker - causes coaches to make adjustments not familiar to players.
  • It brings pressure from various places within the defense - keeps the offense guessing.
In this DVD, Coach Williams diagrams four plays to attack the 3-5-3. Blocking diagrams are provided for each position for the power strong, power weak, zone outside, and zone inside plays. He also covers two-back protection and one-back protection schemes in passing situations. Identifying a wide variety of blitzes are extremely important to defeating the 3-5-3 and Coach Williams diagrams keys to identifying these blitzes. He concludes by emphasizing the three keys to defeating the defense.

53 minutes. 2005.

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