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Features & Benefits
  • Force the defense to defend as much of the field as possible
  • Improve your running backs with these essential skills
  • Train your receivers from head to toe using this total development system
  • Put your athletes in favorable personnel match ups using the tight end
  • Improve your run blocking with these fundamental blocking rules
Quarterback Drills & Offensive StrategiesQuarterback Drills & Offensive Strategies
with Paul Chryst, University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
former Unviersity of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach, helped guide Wisconsin to the #5 scoring offense in the country in 2010.

This DVD provides a progression of strategies and drills you can use to improve your offensive schemes, efficiently install pass plays and train your quarterbacks read and react to what the defense throws at him.

Paul Chryst reveals Wisconsin's offensive strategy for attacking the whole field. Using game clips, Coach Chryst describes the importance of packaging run and pass plays out of one formation. These strategies can be applied to any offensive formation.

Chryst delivers an 8-step progression he uses to effectively and efficiently install pass plays. This progression will:Give your players visual and verbal coaching points to enhance learning. Provide helpful tips on presenting plays in a group setting and to quarterbacks. Provide drills for maximizing practice time, learning reads and routes and perfecting timing. A simple to complex progression so your players can master one concept before moving to the next.

Use these drills to simulate difficult situations your quarterbacks will face during games: Avoiding the rush, throwing on the run, and setting and throwing with defenders lunging at your legs. These drills are designed to improve your quarterback's mobility and his ability to make plays under pressure.

Coach Chryst gives you a proven foundation to improve your offense and develop confident quarterbacks.

52 minutes. 2010.

Developing Fundamental Running Back SkillsDeveloping Fundamental Running Back Skills
with John Settle,
University of Wisconsin Running Backs Coach;
former Cleveland Browns (NFL) Assistant Coach/Running Backs Coach;
running back for the Atlanta Falcons, selected to the 1988 Pro Bowl after rushing for a career high 1,024 yards and 7 touchdowns. He was the first undrafted running back in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards in a season

Get the most out of your running backs on each play.

The running back position is the ultimate skill position. The back not only must be able to see the hole and run to day light, but also block and catch the football as well. In this instructional football DVD, John Settle guides you through how the training regiment he uses at Wisconsin.

Settle uses extensive game footage to highlight and illustrate essential skills.

Coach Settle's instruction falls into three areas of training the running back:

  • Neck Up - This area features the mental side of being a running back: Communication, knowing the playbook, understanding offensive adjustments, getting a pre-snap look at the defense, understanding defenses, and more.
  • Waist Up - The waist up focuses on shoulders and hands. The alignment of the shoulders, ball security, upper body strength, pass protection, yards after contact, and more. Settle shows you the five pressure points for holding the football, which will limit turnovers.
  • Waist Down - The waist down involves executing footwork for the play call, hip flexibility to win the one-on-one battles, and the importance of lower body strength to run through and pull out of tackles.

Coach Settle examines pass blocking and the factors that control the spot of contact. Settle breaks both the tailback and fullback positions down in regard to shoulder contact, hand placement and footwork to teach blocking fundamentals. He explains various drills to help teach the zone run game, gap schemes, outside runs, draw run game, sprint draw, as well as pass protection.

In the final section, Settle focuses on pass catching, including the inside route and screen action. He discusses Wisconsin's catch, tuck and cover technique, which will help train you backs to catch balls in the middle of the field and in traffic and to take care of the football.

Running backs are a vital part of any offensive system and this DVD will give you some ideas as well as drills to use to improve your effectiveness of the running backs.

84 minutes. 2010.

Drills & Routes for Wide ReceiversDrills & Routes for Wide Receivers
with DelVaughn Alexander, Arizona State University Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Wide Receiver Coach;
Wisconsin had the #5 scoring offense in the country in 2010

Train your receivers from head to toe! This DVD provides a solid base of techniques and drills for game day success from your receiving corp.

Del Alexander gives you an insider's view of the drills he uses to teach wide receiver play. He includes the stance and start, blocking, body position, releases and route running. These skills will help your receiver create more separation and develop better timing with the quarterback, which will lead to more completions and open up more possibilities for your offense.

It all starts on the line with the receiver's stance. Alexander shows how to train your receiver's to develop good body lean, which will help your athletes get off the ball quicker and prepare them to counter their defender.

Alexander starts the technique breakdown with drills in three areas:

  • Run Blocking Drills - Improve your run game with better blocking from your receivers.
  • Body Position Drills - Get open more often by sharpening your cuts and improving your acceleration to increase separation from the defender.
  • Ball Drills - Overcome blind spots and contact to catch everything that comes your way.

From there Alexander shows two releases to get your receivers off the line versus press coverage and past defensive backs who are playing with a cushion.

Alexander closes with a breakdown of five of his best routes. These routes include:

  • Turn route - a 9-yard timing route;
  • Speed dig - a 10 yard out with and roll inside to 14 yards;
  • Speed corner - a timing route where you push inside and roll outside to the sideline;
  • Seam route - a 12-14 yard go route up the middle away from the free safety;
  • Burst corner - Force inside release, but break to the corner.

Each route covers depth, timing, spacing, landmark cues and reception areas for success. Alexander shows each route vs air, in a 1-on-1 setting and with game footage.

This DVD will give you a solid foundation to develop your younger players or improve your veterans.

46 minutes. 2010.

Utilizing the Tight End in the Passing GameUtilizing the Tight End in the Passing Game
with Joe Rudolph,
University of Wisconsin Associate Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach

Turn your tight end into an effective run blocker, a fullback or use him as a big receiver to dominate smaller defensive backs.

University of Wisconsin Tight Ends Coach Joe Rudolph shows you how to effectively use your tight ends in the passing game - especially in the shift motion game. The shift motion gives the TE the opportunity to be in a better position to execute a run block or pass route. Rudolph calls the tight end position the Captain of the Shift Motion. He shows you how to use this position to disguise formations to confuse the defense, or put your athletes in favorable personnel match-ups.

A tight end who is a great run blocker will compliment the pass game perfectly. To develop effective blockers, Coach Rudolph breaks down the run blocking fundamentals and shows you three effective drills to dominate the edge. Rudolph concentrates on generating power and exploding into the defender and on body positioning. He shows you how your tight end can play the edge and move the outside pressure in to execute plays and make the offense successful.

Rudolph finishes with a look at getting the ball to the tight end by utilizing different pass routes. Using game footage, he shows you crossing routes that include the mesh route, drive series, power game and vertical game. He also takes you through different dig routes, flat routes, out routes and variations and ways to get your best receivers into open spots on the field. These are the same routes that have helped the Badgers average over 85 catches a year from the TE position over the past four years.

Effectively utilizing your tight end in your passing game will help complement your running game and give you an effective balanced offensive attack.

85 minutes. 2010.

Offensive Line: Power Play Run Game StrategiesOffensive Line: Power Play Run Game Strategies
with Bob Bostad, Northern Illinois Assistant Coach;
former Tennessee Titans (NFL) Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
former University of Wisconsin Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
Wisconsin had the #5 scoring offense in the country in 2010

Get detailed diagramming, film study, essential techniques and assignments for one of Wisconsin's top run plays and it's compliment. Using these run plays, the Badgers led the Big 10 in rushing in 2009, averaging over 203 yards a game.

Bob Bostad provides a detailed breakdown of the Power Play (a strong side run) and its compliment the weak side lead, a zone run. These two plays are staples in the Wisconsin offense and will work in all areas of the field - red zone, backed up, midfield, short yards, etc.

Coach Bostad diagrams the assignments for each member of the offense, including the base blocking rules and footwork for the line and reads and footwork for the tailback. Also featured are the rules that apply to all fronts and movement and the key technique for making the runs work - the down block.

Bostad guides you through end zone video, showing the plays versus various formations and movements. He highlights the key coaching points for each play, making it easier for you to incorporate these run plays into your offense and teach them to your players.

Get the schemes, rules and techniques you need to effectively run the football this season. .

60 minutes. 2010.

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