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Tina McDavitt 2-Pack

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  • Break up the monotony of practice and keep your team focused with a variety of fun, competitive drills
  • Learn how to implement the stingy Diamond and Triangle Defenses

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Offensive Drills & Skill Development

with Tina McDavitt,
Tufts University Head Coach;
led Tufts to 5 straight NCAA Tournaments, including the 2008 National Championship Game;
2x New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Coach of the Year

Two time NESCAC Coach of the Year Tina McDavitt demonstrates drills you can use to develop skilled, effective players on the offensive end of the field.

Passing, receiving, and positioning are just some of the improvement areas targeted in this DVD. Throughout the drills, Coach McDavitt shares insights into the drill and how she successfully coaches her team. These offense-based drills include defenders to pressure the offense, put players in competitive situations and to keep players busy during practice.

Coach McDavitt's drills will show you how to:

  • Move the ball quickly and accurately into the circle and eliminate mistakes in this area during matches.
  • Use overload situations in attack and stay away from less effective one-on-one situations.
  • Slow down the attack (as a defender) to let the defense catch up and help.
  • Be patient when looking to outlet and transition, teach the defenders to hold the ball or transition to the other side to create some space.
  • Teach your players to position themselves to be a positive passing option for the ball carrier
  • And more!

McDavitt shows you how to set-up and run the drills on the whiteboard, then takes her players through each drill in a full speed, live practice setting so you can see how to execute the drills and run variations of them.

This video is a great tool for coaches at both the middle school and high school levels, and will help build your players confidence on the offensive end of the field.

43 minutes. 2012.

Team Defensive Strategies and Drills

with Tina McDavitt,
Tufts University Head Coach;
led Tufts to 5 straight NCAA Tournaments, including the 2008 National Championship Game;
2x New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Coach of the Year

Build your team's defense with Tina McDavitt's proven-successful strategies and drills. In this video Coach McDavitt shares the defensive strategies she uses for her team and the drills she uses to develop her players and to effectively implement her defensive strategy.

Coach McDavitt teaches and demonstrates:

  • Defensive Strategies using Diamond and Triangle Defense. The Diamond Defense is difficult for attackers to penetrate, as the defending team is covering most angles.
  • The importance of getting numbers behind the ball. When under attack, your team must gain possession. You can do so by dropping back and helping defenders to win the ball.
  • Drills to force attackers toward less dangerous space and to tackle the ball carrier.
  • When to mark man-to-man vs zonal defense and when to use a combination of the two.

McDavitt gives a detailed explanation of each drill utilizing marker board diagrams and on-field demonstrations.

The tactics and strategies she describes are very effective, and can be used by coaches for their college, club or a mature high school team. In addition, players can use this video to understand the team and individual defensive skills needed to be successful.

Strategy can only be effective if the players have good basic skills, so McDavitt covers the fundamental skills and how every defender can practice.

These drills and strategies will give your team the tools to create a stingy, 'hard-to-penetrate' defense!

44 minutes. 2012.

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Tina McDavitt 2-Pack

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