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Open Practice with Tara Danielson

Open Practice with Tara Danielson
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In this video, you will learn how to:
  • Build your players' hand dexterity and increase their confidence in ball handling
  • Develop the skills of leading and re-leading a pass
  • Use dynamic training concepts to coordinate running and passing

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with Tara Danielson, Stanford University Head Coach;
3x NorPac Coach of the Year, member of the U.S. National Field Hockey Team (1998-2005)

and Steve Danielson, Stanford University Assistant Coach;
member of the U.S. National Field Hockey Team (1989-2010), member of Team USA at the 1996 Olympic Games

Stanford Coaches Tara and Steve Danielson show you how to develop a team with sharp moves, quick passes and play a fast paced attacking hockey. Through these drills, your players will develop into confident ball handlers. The drills on this DVD will help develop an attacking style of hockey, concentrating on hand and footwork development through the following drills:

  • Passing patterns to goal to include skip passing
  • Attack and Defensive Build-Up
  • Small Game scenarios
  • Counter Attack Options (3 v 3 possessions)
  • Large Game scenarios

This is natural progression from individual skills to team skills working in pairs and small numbers to large groups helps to refine what the players already know.

The DVD begins with comprehensive team dynamic stretching and warm-ups. The dynamic stretching is presented with enough detail so that a coach can easily add this efficient warm-up method into their program.

Stanford works from the philosophy of "Fail Forward and Succeed." In putting this philosophy into practice, this DVD shows a training session that is high tempo and quick paced. Limiting the time segments of each exercise increase repetitions and encourage players to perform at their highest level. Consistently practicing at true game speed provides the correct conditions so that each player will eventually find success while practicing these `High-Tempo' drills. Practicing in this way demonstrates Stanford's philosophy of "Fail Forward and Succeed." The `High-Tempo' skills carry forward throughout the practice session and form the foundation for a fast paced, game speed practice.

Practice begins with passing patterns to goal, emphasizing basic skill execution for passing and shooting to include stance, body position, correctly receiving and delivering the ball in a `High-Tempo' format. Drills progress from stationary passing to passing to the ball receiver on the move, working on leading away from the passer when receiving pass. In each case the passer needs to be performing a pre-scan before passing. Continuing the progression, the shooter now receives the ball with their stick perpendicular to the goal and their feet facing toward the goal. This is a very difficult technique but it is broken down into its simplest components making it easy to understand and practice.

Throughout the practice session, players are given strategies for ball handling in an ultimate effort to find open space and success in moving the ball downfield. Reinforcing basic concepts, the Stanford coaches are able to deliver valuable tips that can be applied to any level of play.

Coaches and athletes will learn to train to in tight spaces and then transitioning to bigger space. This will teach players to quickly add width and depth to the game and reap benefits from fast breaks. Players will learn to use open space, change in speed and running off the ball to their advantage.

Coach Danielson not only covers a large number of drills but also puts them together in such away that coaches and their teams can implement these right away and start seeing the benefits.

171 minutes (2 DVDs). 2014.

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