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  • Learn how to enhance practice sessions with 15 shooting drills used by teams all over the world
  • Discover how to increase the efficiency of practices with a progressive warm-up that also develops basketball skills
  • Learn half-court shooting drills that will maximize gym time and space while conditioning players
with Terry Layton, Nike Scout and International Consultant for Latin America;
300+ Wins at the High School, Junior College and College level in the U.S., 300+ wins at the International level

See how international influences can improve your players' skills.

Terry Layton, International Nike Scout for Latin America, offers a set of DVDs that will guide you through the ins and outs of warm-ups, shooting strategies, full-court drills, and explosive training techniques used with international elite athletes. From dynamic warm-up drills using a basketball to half-court shooting drills used by some of the best international shooters, you'll learn how to get more from practice and how to enhance the athleticism of your players.

Warm-up Drills
Coach Layton adds what he calls "the magic of the ball" to his warm-up routines. He believes it increases the efficiency of practice time: Increasing the amount of time players have the ball in their hands makes practice more fun and adds to the skills they can learn. He describes how to build a progressive warm-up routine-with or without a basketball-that improves basketball skills and communication among players.

Coach Layton uses reaction drills to develop a "thinking on their feet" mentality. He demonstrates how to increase the complexity and degree of difficulty of ball-handling drills to add challenge to basic skills development. Coach Layton also covers the rhythm of play and how changing speed makes players harder to guard.

An "All in One" drill that improves the likelihood of getting game shots is demonstrated step-by-step with each skill building on the previous one. Coach Layton also shows you how to maximize two baskets to develop lay-up skills, post player shots, perimeter shots, dribble penetration and relocation, and passing skills.

Shooting Drills
Drawing on his extensive experience at the national and international levels, Coach Layton shares 15 of the best shooting drills gathered from the world's top coaches. Each drill requires the use of only two baskets, which helps maximize gym space and time while giving the entire team an efficient workout. To better prepare players for any shooting situation, each drill is broken into phases that simulate game situations. Coach Layton provides conditioning, interval training, and combination drills that all coaches must have to improve their players' shooting ability.

Learn how to use the half-court to build a consistent shooter. Each drill shows how to prepare for the shot, how to shoot over a defender and off the dribble, how to use fakes to get open and post series shots to develop a strong post presence. His combination drills will help turn athletes into well-conditioned, consistent basketball players.

Coach Layton also shares four competitive shooting games that are fun and engaging and, at the same time, push shooters out of their comfort zones. He demonstrates dice free throws where post players practice blocking-out techniques and free throw shooters are put into pressure situations.

This is a must have DVD for any coach who could benefit from a dynamic warm-up routine to help players to get loose for a game or before practice.

166 minutes. (2 DVDs). 2013.

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Warm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the World
on November 2, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Stedak

This is a really good video. He describes how in many areas there is a severe lack of resources to practice basketball. There might only be two baskets or very few basketballs etc.. Coach Layton presents a *large* number of drill that really allow a coach to leverage his practice time. One thing that I liked about this video is that you can jump around and take what you want and use it. The one downside is that it is really long. Great value!

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