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Vance Walberg: Half-Court Pressure Defensive System

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Features & Benefits
  • Pressure, Pressure Pressure. you will learn Coach Walberg's intense Half-Court pressure defense!
  • Learn half court base positioning, terminology, how to defend the post, handle screens, defend the pick & roll, and much more!
  • If you loved his "Full Court Pressure" DVD, now you will see how this flows right into his Half-Court Pressure Defense
with Vance Walberg, former Sacramento Kings (NBA) Assistant Coach;
former University of Massachusetts Assistant Coach;
Creator of the Innovative Dribble Drive Attack Offense,
2005 California JC Undefeated State Champions

Vance Walberg has done it again! Walberg delivers his entire half court defensive system sharing the philosophy, terminology, strategies and drills you need to implement this attacking defense.

In this DVD, Walberg completes his defensive system (Walberg covered the full court system in his DVD "Full Court Pressure Defensive System") which he feels is a better innovation than his Dribble Drive Attack Offense. He reviews the basics of the full court system including the key concepts of ball pressure, breaking the court into quarters, player assignments and terminology.

Using principles similar to his full court system, Walberg transitions into half court pressure defense thoroughly explaining and demonstrating each player's positioning and responsibilities versus a 4-out 1-in set and a 3-out 2-in set.

Learn the essentials you need to put a pressure packed defense on the court night in and night out:

  • Half-court terminology
  • Screen out responsibilities and drills
  • Defending the post
  • Handling the skip pass
  • Handling screens
  • Defending the pick and roll
  • Defending the dribble hand offs or kick backs

Walberg uses drill work to bring everything together and to effectively teach the half court pressure defense.

In the shell drill, he aligns in either a 4-out set or a 3-out 1-in set to start the drill. From the basic set, he teaches talking and moving and progresses into his paint touch drill, baseline penetration drill, middle penetration drill, and a pick & roll drill. These drills are competitive with points awarded based on the defensive criteria.

Then Coach Walberg takes you through one of his favorite defensive drills, the "Perfect 35" drill. Again, this drill is competitive with the defense having to stop the offense for 35 seconds with no fouls, offensive rebounds, post touches, paint touches, or giving up a basket. This drill is a great conditioner as well as an intense drill for the players.

Walberg follows up his outstanding floor presentation with game clip examples of the defense in action including detailed commentary.

Walberg has established himself as one of the game's most innovative coaches. Now you can implement his entire pressure defensive system using this half court defense video and his Full Court Pressure Defensive System.

172 minutes + 60 minutes of bonus game footage (2 DVDs). 2010.

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Ratings & Reviews

Vance Walberg: Half-Court Pressure Defensive System
on January 2, 2014
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Vance is great. But this takes a lot of practice and your players have to be re-wired from normal man to man. This is a continuation of his full court system. The full court system works way better than this. I have had a lot of success playing his full court pressure system and dropping back into 2-3 zone. But like I said Vance is great and its a quality video.

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Vance Walberg: Half-Court Pressure Defensive System
on July 8, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Really enjoyed the concepts put forward. Going to try and employ them at High School level as teaching method is easy to instruct.

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Vance Walberg: Half-Court Pressure Defensive System
on April 4, 2011
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by ChuckBailey464

Very good instructional tape. I will play the defense this coming season to go along with the full court pressure we started using last season. I would recemend it to anyone wanting to keep the pressure on in the half court.

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