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Trent Johnson: 20 Scoring Options for Half Court Offense

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with Trent Johnson,
LSU Head Men's Basketball Coach;
former Stanford University Head Coach

Executing and scoring in the half court is essential, especially when tournament play hits. Coach Johnson believes that four elements of quality half court play include attitude, aggressiveness, angles and the ability to make adjustments. "Basic" is the main set in this offensive system. This starts in a 1-2-2 set and begins when the point guard crosses half court. These plays feature screen action, how to exploit a fronted post player, a counter to a denied ball reversal, ball penetration and how to draw fouls. Johnson demonstrates tailor made options to free your "2 and 3" shooters. "2" presents three options: shuffle cut, duck and double down screen for a shot. "2 counter" creates an open shot within the same play. "3" and "3 counter" are replicate plays for the left side of the floor. Another series is "P" where the high post entry counters pressure ball denial. This series features an isolation play, a flare screen for an open 3-pointer, a Pick & Roll and a Pick & Pop. When post scoring is needed, the Power Package can supply scoring opportunities. Options include "Bump," reverse, double reverse and bump turn. This offensive system will frustrate even the best-prepared opponent because of its versatility and reads.

65 minutes. 2006.

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