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Threading the Needle: 50 Tips and Drills for Passing

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  • Improve your Basketball coaching!
  • Learn from Ganon Baker!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Ganon Baker,
Nike Basketball Training Specialist,
Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, and World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

Ganon Baker is quickly becoming the game's next true "Innovator." In this fantastic DVD, he explores creative and competitive drills for the art of passing. He begins by offering 10 teaching tips for the proper passing fundamentals; Stance, release and catching. Because the game is so quick, passing against pressure is very important. The concept of "Pressure Vision," "Foot Fighting" and the "Sweep Pivot" are all combined with a passer's ability to read the defense. Drills are categorized by one man, two man, three man, four man and team drills. Other drills, such as the Jason Williams Series, the Jason Kidd Series and the Steve Nash Series, are specific to the skills of each NBA player as to how they use their skills to "Thread the Needle." Baker emphasizes that any of these drills can be done with just a ball, a wall and a willing player who wants to improve his game. This presentation concludes with five team drills that combine many of the individual or small group drills previously illustrated. These team drills emphasize passing and catching skills in a competitive team setting. Without the ability to pass, a player will be left behind in the basketball world today. Whether you are a junior high, high school, or professional player, each of these drills has a specific value. Use this DVD to identify your weaknesses and work hard to improve them. When players apply the passing skills of Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and Jason Williams, they can elevate to new area of player development. Ganon Baker has packed another DVD with the tools that today's player must have. Don't be left behind!

88 minutes. 2006.

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Ratings & Reviews

Threading the Needle: 50 Tips and Drills for Passing
on July 22, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by JellyBean2144

Really great DVD with quality instruction and drills. Ganon, in his usual hyper-active self, is very enthusiastic and engaging during all of the drills. He offers quality drills and instruction.

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