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The Wheel Offense

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with Paul Biancardi,
St. Louis University Assistant Coach;
former Wright State head coach, 2004 Horizon coach of the year;
former OSU assistant coach

The Wheel Offense is a very efficient offense that leads to high a field goal percentage and points in the paint! His team at Wright State led the Horizon in Field Percentage at 49 percent overall and 48 percent in league play in 2004-2005. It always maintains great spacing, which is an essential part of a productive offense. Described as a series of broken plays, the Wheel can effectively break down the defense. The Wheel includes five positions: Driver, ball side post, weak side post, cutter and wing. Benefits of the Wheel Offense include its ability to force fouls, a goal for Biancardis teams were to make more free throws than the opponent attempts! Other benefits are tempo, interchanging positions, and isolation of good post up players. This offense is open in the middle and encourages penetration by all players to the middle of the floor or along the baseline. An important concept that is necessary in the wheel is "bail out" spots on penetration. The post duck in is demonstrated on the floor as a reaction to dribble penetration in the paint. Reversing the wheel is a concept that allows for flexibility and adaptability. Entries into the wheel include V-cut, L-cut, X-cut and floppy. Floppy is a single/double screening action taken from the NBA. Additional aspects of the wheel that Coach Biancardi emphasizes are many 2-man games, and hand-offs. Biancardi also explains how to recover when the Wheel breaks down. This "driving motion" offense puts maximum pressure on the defense that can lead to many easy baskets!

78 minutes. 2007.

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Ratings & Reviews

The Wheel Offense
on December 21, 2013
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by Crafty

"The Wheel Offense is a version of the shuffle. Coach Garland Pinholster of Oglethorpe University probably did more than any other coach to perfect this particular pattern. The wheel also begins with an overload, but it differs from the shuffle in that the first cutter has a double-screen instead of a single-screen."
Source: Fundamentals of Coaching Basketball by Dr. Glenn Wilkes, former Stetson University head coach, page 153. Copyright 1982 by Wm. C. Brown Company Publishers.

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The Wheel Offense
on June 15, 2012
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Crafty

This video is well-produced for clarity. Unfortunately, this IS NOT the traditional 131 Wheel Offense that became popular 40+ years ago. Coach Biancardi has adopted the wrong name for his offense which will confuse potential buyers who know what the REAL 131 Wheel Offense is! Perhaps the offense on this video should be called "The Streaker" offense because it features a cornerman running baseline stirring the perimeter around (unless the pick and roll is used, in which case the cornerman remains spotted up backside).
Coach Biancardi describes his offense as a "driving motion" offense that operates off dribble penetration. The video shows a 3 Around 2 offense featuring two permanent low posts/pickers and three guards who drive the ball. It has a ballside two-man game (wing and low post)with a triangle on the backside featuring dribbling ball reversals. It is a continuity pick and roll offense, or the wing can just drive into the middle without the ball screen from the low post, triggering "the streaker". Give Coach Biancardi credit for providing various ways to make use of the dribble drive. These in vogue concepts evolved before Y2K so it's not that new. Modern defenses refuse to allow wings to drive into the middle, which reduces this offense to a pick and roll continuity. Still, this offense could be effective. Those who are not familiar with these offensive concepts will probably like the video.

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The Wheel Offense
on January 12, 2011
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by ukwildcat54

GREAT video! Coach Biancardi does an excellent job of breaking down this offense from the very basics. I would recommend this video for anyone!

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The Wheel Offense
on August 28, 2007
by Anonymous

It is a new and exciting offense. I love the way it is taught. It is very hard to guard.

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