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The Numbered Motion Offense

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by Mel Hankinson, Liberty University

The Numbered Motion Offense is a creative approach to the motion game that provides the coach with great control over who shoots the ball and when. Its design builds on the coach's present offensive system while adding more versatility to various personnel combinations within each coach's style of play. The Numbered Motion Offense is the cutting edge of an innovative offense that will improve coaching techniques, maximize players' fundamental skill levels and increase your offensive efficiency!
1993. 99 pages ISBN 1-56404-052-6.

"An intelligent method for clearly defining players' roles and shot selection within the motion offense." -- Dean Smith, University of North Carolina

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Ratings & Reviews

The Numbered Motion Offense
on October 18, 2012
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by CoachYoung1

I felt this book had some good points. Very basic and old fashioned.

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The Numbered Motion Offense
on August 13, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Crafty

This unique book gives numbers as names to various types of offensive screens and cuts. The coach signals (or disguises ch. 9) different numbers to create different looks for transition, man-man and zone defenses. (These are not set plays but rather mix and match manuevers involving one, two or three players at a time.) A middle school coach would only use a few numbers/manuevers of his choice. A high school coach would select a half-dozen or more. A college coach might use all of them at one point or another. (Professional NBA coach Del Harris is given credit for inspiring this sytem.) In fact, you could take your present set plays or offensive patterns and convert it to the numbered motion system to get a feel for this approach. This system allows the coach room to be creative, use his personal effectively and capitalize on what the defense handles poorly but loose translations on the court are certainly not to everyone's taste. All Mel's books are informative with a great deal of thought put therein. Definately worth the discounted price. I recommend this book for experienced coaches who already use some form of free-lance motion offense and know what they're getting into. Beginning coaches will find this thorough information too complicated unless they understand that they should stick to "6's" and "7's" until they're bored with that and not try to absorb the entire book. (It can be as simple as a "62" call: up and down screens for the #2 man or a "63" call for the #3 man; see page 17.) ADD SLOWLY -- don't include the entire menu in one meal.

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