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  • Includes an extensive post player workout that will incorporate every game aspect a post player needs to be successful
  • Discover a perimeter player workout that will develop your dribble penetration ability and teach you how to create space between you and your defender
  • Learn drills you can use to break down your offense and develop your entire team's offensive skill set
with Tara Vanderveer, Stanford University Head Coach;
3x NCAA Coach of the Year; 2010 NCAA National Runners-up; 2x NCAA Championship Coach; 5 straight final four appearances (2008-12); 1996 US Women's Olympic Team Head Coach (Gold Medal); distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of (2011)

Learn the tactics behind how Stanford consistently has the best players and the best team in the country.

Legendary Stanford coach Tara Vanderveer brings you an extensive player development workout for post/perimeter players. Coach Vanderveer covers many drills for post and perimeter players that will get your team playing better individually and together and will inspire you to create breakdown drills for your offense.

Drills and Skills for Perimeter Players
The Perimeter Series works on everything from perfecting the catch-and-shoot, to executing the pick-and-roll and seeing all of the options available to score. Coach Vanderveer demonstrates and explains each skill and drill they use when developing their perimeter players. She takes you through numerous offensive moves that will help your players become successful with the basketball.

She demonstrates the jab series for attacking the rim off the dribble and counters you can use when the defense stops your dribble. With each perimeter skill, Coach Vanderveer incorporates their offensive movement so that their players can develop their shot at game spots.

Coach uses two great combination drills, Beaver Creek and Morgan Drill, to work on every offensive skill needed to be successful in the Stanford offense. Whether it's hand-offs, post entry, backdoor cuts, skip passes, or dribble drives these drills are great for any offensive player or team looking to get game shots within their offensive.

Drills and Skills for Post Players
Discover Stanford's three part post player workout!

  • Part One - See a position workout featuring drop step moves, sealing techniques, and footwork to get open in the high and low post.
  • Part Two - Watch how Vanderveer develops her post players using screening techniques.
  • Part Three - See individual drill and skill work including Mikan, jump hook series, playing 1-on-1, and rebound ricochet players work on rebounding the basketball and executing effective outlets to start their break.
Incorporated within her post player development are ways to trap a good post player and rotate out of the trap to eliminate easy skip passes for outside jump shots.

With Tara VanDerveer's Post and Perimeter drills, your players will expand their offensive skill repertoire and become stellar performers on the court.

74 minutes. 2013.

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Tara VanDerveer: 30 Skill Development Drills for Building Champions
on November 21, 2014
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by bballcoach3291

This was very informative, and explains the purpose of each drill she does with her post/guards. I have used her Stanford Shell drill to teach my 2-3 zone defense and the offensive fundamental drills have been very useful. However, there are no defensive fundamental drills for guards/posts like I was anticipating. All in all, it was very informative.

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