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  • Use warm-ups to teach footwork and body mechanics
  • Break down your offensive set into competitive shooting drills
  • Improve ball handling with drills to handle traps
  • Learn how to use the "Double" Close Out Drill to train close-outs, first pass denial, back door denial, and pass deflections
with Gregg Marshall, Wichita State University Head Coach;
2014 MVC Champions, 2014 MVC Coach of the Year; 2x MVC Champs; 3x MVC Coach of the Year (2012-14); 2011 NIT Champions

Head Coach Gregg Marshall gives you a forward development workout that will challenge your players and make them better within your offensive system.

This workout is designed to create better wing players and low post players by putting them through a variety of shooting drills, moving without the basketball, ball handling skills, rebounding and defensive drills. The workout enables players to score around the rim and to put the ball on the floor to get to the rim to score.

While running these drills, Coach Marshall points out the fundamentals and stresses proper execution, such as passing to the appropriate hand (away from the defender), cutting hard and with a purpose, and always keeping your eyes up to see potential scoring opportunities or the threat of an approaching double-team.

Coach Marshall uses various half court and full court drills to demonstrate his forward workout. He uses the Mikan drill to help teach his players how to finish around the rim and keep the ball high so guards don't dig the ball out. Marshall demonstrates his competitive shooting drill by putting his players in game spots where they will get game shots within their offensive system. He teaches his players how to screen and cut after setting the screen.

Learn a variety of shooting and ball handling drills to improve your players' basketball IQ. Marshall demonstrates how to break down your offensive patterns to "automate movements" and to put your players in game spots. Your players will perfect their shots and push themselves to get compete. Marshall has a goal for each drill in order to challenge his players to knock down shots.

With his Double Closeout Drill, Marshall shows how to closeout and defend baseline drives. With this drill he simulates how your players should move within your defensive system whether it be on ball defense or help side defense to defend middle drives. Marshall demonstrates how to use heavy basketballs to make your players feel confident and strong with a regular basketball.

By teaching your players' the game skills they need, your players will become successful basketball players that fit right into your rotation.

50 minutes. 2013.

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Skill Development Workout: Forwards
on August 30, 2014
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Jstnblke41

Really good video, the coaching pointers and explanations are very helpful with picking up on certain techniques you might not thing of as you coach. The workout has drills that work on shooting, defense and individual moves. Pretty good reference to develop stretch 4s and get a lot of work in for your wings that don't really handle the ball as much.

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