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Mike Jones: The DeMatha 3-Pack

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Features & Benefits
  • Learn an innovative approach to the flex offense
  • Learn how to play an up-tempo style with proper fundamentals
  • Create intense defensive pressure with great weakside help
Mike Jones: The DeMatha Flex OffenseMike Jones: The DeMatha Flex Offense
with Mike Jones,
DeMatha Catholic High School Head Coach;
Nike Elite Basketball Coach, USA Basketball National Team U16 & U17 Assistant Coach

Mike Jones, head basketball coach at perennial powerhouse DeMatha Catholic High School, puts a unique spin on the popular and effective flex offense.

Using on-court demonstrations, he breaks down offensive strategies into easy-to-follow steps for basketball players of all skill levels. Jones shares his version of the traditional flex screen as well as other popular techniques, emphasizing the importance of proper spacing and patience in creating opportunities for wide-open lay-ups.

In this highly instructional DVD, Coach Jones walks viewers through his practice strategies providing detailed drills specifically designed to get players flowing naturally into various flex options. For example, using a 2-on-2 break down drill, he demonstrates proper techniques on setting and executing the flex screen.

Coach Jones also covers individual drills for improving shots from the floor. Emphasis is placed on creating maximum scoring opportunities by developing versatile players who understand and can execute the fundamental principles of play regardless of position.

Since no offense is impenetrable, Jones shares four counter-measures to help ball handlers reach the rim: back-door cuts, pin-down screens, flare screens and ball screens. He covers three counters to keep the defense guessing when wing passes are denied. All options are demonstrated in a 5-on-5 manner to show how to counter defensive pressure.

Finally, Coach Jones offers four proven options for generating post-up opportunities and spot-up shots by attacking the hoop and creating baskets. He also offers strategies to effectively exploit defensive mismatches.

This DVD is packed with many extras from a successful coach who has brought innovation to a proven, time-honored offense. Inarguably the best coaching tool on the market for teaching and implementing a stronger, more effective flex option!

78 minutes. 2011

The DeMatha Fast BreakThe DeMatha Fast Break
with Mike Jones,
DeMatha Catholic High School Head Coach;
Nike Elite Basketball Coach, USA Basketball National Team U16 & U17 Assistant Coach

This instructional DVD by Mike Jones, head basketball coach of nationally acclaimed DeMatha Catholic High School, shows you how to put your team in attack mode by beating your opponent down the court in every possession.

Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Jones covers various quick-strike, fast-break strategies from inbounding the ball to running lanes to player responsibilities. He also includes several passes every player must be able to make.

DeMatha's up-tempo "Bingo" offense creates a seamless transition from one phase of offense into another without stopping to reset players. Emphasis is placed on pushing the ball up court quickly with well-timed, well-executed passes. Jones also looks at quick decision-making against defensive pressure with a strategy called "Bingo recognition."

The "Bingo" offense requires tremendous conditioning. To ensure your players can meet the demands of this effective yet intense offense, Jones offers 13 different conditioning drills ranging from simple two-ball passing and three-man weave all the way to "Bingo" recognition.

He emphasizes the importance of communication and accurate ball handling in the development of the fast break. All drills focus on spreading the ball, making game passes and taking shots from the floor in situations that simulate real-game play. Each drill is designed to develop players' athleticism and reaction time.

Jones shows how he has maintained the momentum of coaching great Morgan Wootten. Learn from the best-improve your fast break offense with strategies responsible for DeMatha's string of championship successes.

75 minutes. 2011.

Building the DeMatha Team DefenseBuilding the DeMatha Team Defense
with Mike Jones,
DeMatha Catholic High School Head Coach;
Nike Elite Basketball Coach, USA Basketball National Team U16 & U17 Assistant Coach

The old sports adage "Defense wins championships" has been repeatedly proven by DeMatha Catholic High School. The basketball program is built on a strong defense that over recent years has produced dozens of championship teams in the highly competitive Washington D.C. area.

In this exclusive DVD, DeMatha head basketball coach Mike Jones shares the strategies that have made his school a defensive powerhouse. He begins by emphasizing proper defensive rotation to minimize middle penetration. Jones focuses on ball pressure as a way to challenge shooters and not have to worry about getting beat off the first dribble.

He shares several critical principles for developing a strong defense such as:

  • Beating the offense to the middle of the floor
  • Keeping the ball on one side of the court
  • Moving on the pass
  • Communicating non-stop with teammates

To help perfect defensive rotations, Jones offers a series of 10 drills to create and sustain effective defensive play. He reinforces basic techniques with advanced strategies like the "Perfect Slide," 1-on-1 full-court slides and closeout drills. He also teaches the "Wildcat Series" for staying low on defense and closing out strong.

A detailed explanation of the DeMatha Shell Drill is also presented, covering every aspect of proper defense rotation. In the 5-man shell drill, Coach Jones explains the proper techniques for covering the high and low post, denial defense, covering cutters and communicating on weakside help.

Order this DVD today to implement Mike Jones' concept into your program. Learn how to dominate the defensive end with perfect rotations used by one of the nation's most celebrated high school basketball programs.

71 minutes. 2011.

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Ratings & Reviews

Mike Jones: The DeMatha 3-Pack
on February 23, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by FrankHamrickDuke

I highly recommend this set. Mike is a GREAT teacher and covers every aspect of the offense and defense. I took notes, and used them to immediately implement this with my team.

Part of what makes a video great is the ability of the coach to COMMUNICATE and TEACH. Mike did a superb job. I will buy ALL of his videos. This is a guy I can learn a lot from and I really like the systems he runs.

If I was going to do without one of them, it would be the Fast Break video. I found the Defense and Offense videos to be slightly more detailed. GREAT STUFF.

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