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Mike Fratello: Man-to-Man Defensive Philosophy with Drills and Utilizing the Three Point Shot

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with Mike Fratello,
former Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) Head Coach

Coach Fratello believes that every coach must have a coaching philosophy and be totally committed to that philosophy. Along with your belief system, a coach must adapt and adjust to situations that arise. Fratello believes a coach must develop three systems: offensive, defensive and communication. Also very important, in Fratello's opinion, is a system of communication that players and coaches understand. In addition, a coach must develop drills to match his focus. Good drills are created based on a desired result. Building a defensive system relies on teaching stance and footwork. Using players on the floor, Fratello demonstrates drills that make up his defensive game. Individual defensive slides are the cornerstone of defensive play. To enhance the fundamental footwork and slide skills Fratello demonstrates the defensive stance drill, full court slide drill and the full court one-on-one defensive slide drill. The charge drill, touch drill, close out drill and the 4-spot touch drill are staples for defensive toughness. Fronting the post and double downs are demonstrated live. An added bonus is strategy for guarding the popular pick and roll. This DVD is packed with great NBA defensive drills that can be used in any setting. The fundamentals of playing great defense are the same at all levels.

In Part II, Coach Fratello's focus is defending on ball screens and the system of post trapping and rotation. With the increased popularity of the pick and roll, coaches must decide exactly how to defend them. Fratello presents several options and scenarios for successfully beating this offensive weapon. The first drill demonstrated is a combination of the pick and roll and the penetration and dish action. The double high post drill shown came from Chuck Daly. Another drill is created with a skip pass, baseline drive and rotation. Having a set rotation given different situations is mandatory for clarity. Coach Fratello shifts gears to the offensive end and discusses 3-point shooting. His teams have used and believed in the value of shooting the 3-pointer. Competitive shooting is incorporated to improve shooting accuracy. Three-point plays are shown from the tip, the sidelines and the baseline. Set plays are demonstrated to score 3's in the half and full court. The diamond and box out of bounds plays provide additional scoring opportunities.

127 minutes. 2006.

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