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Features & Benefits
  • Develop an explosive first step to get by any defender
  • Non traditional exercise to train muscles for game position
  • Get the legs ready to play full court
with John Calipari,
University of Kentucky Head Coach;
2x Naismith National Coach of the Year,
2009 Sports Illustrated National Coach of the Year,
.761 career winning percentage;
and Todd Forcier, University of Kentucky Strength and Conditioning Coach for Basketball

To better execute the Dribble Drive Motion offense, players must "play lower and stronger." In this basketball DVD University of Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari along with UK Strength and Conditioning coach Todd Forcier, teach you the drills that develop the explosion and lateral quickness needed to drive past your defender.

The workout is divided into three phases: Legs, core and foot speed. In the weight room, Coach Forcier takes the team through a variety of exercises that focus on strengthening the legs and core. On the court, the players work on drills to improve foot speed.

Starting with the legs, Forcier takes the athletes through an 11-exercise, medicine ball circuit that develops speed and power while working on conditioning. When working with the medicine ball, Forcier emphasizes staying low, in a good defensive position, which trains the muscles for game-like conditions.

Being balanced is a critical aspect in the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. A strong core gives an athlete solid balance. Forcier demonstrates 40 exercises - from single-leg drills to a push-up series - that strengthen your players' core.

The final section is all about footwork and incorporates 14 different quick feet drills that will help build your players foot speed and quickness to cover more ground. In addition, stride drills work on lengthening a player's stride to get down the court quicker.

The drills in this DVD will push your players to the "Sweet Pain" that coach Calipari believes builds the conditioning needed to play in the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Hit the court this season with a quick and powerful team that can run the court all game long!

41 minutes. 2009.

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John Calipari: Speed, Agility and Conditioning Drills for Basketball
on June 16, 2013
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Coach M Stew

I only watched 3/4 of this DVD, and can't get myself to put it back in. In the first 3/4 they didn't leave the weight room. I coach HS Girls, and was looking for drills to use in the gym. The information would be great for a college, or big time high school program that has coaching man hours to spend on small groups in the weight room. Not for me, and this makes me wish that there was a forum for returning gently used DVD's, and purchasing them for less.

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