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Jamion Christian's Basketball Practice Drill Set

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Features & Benefits
  • Create an up-tempo, face-paced practice that translates into game time
  • Use the pick and roll to create 3-point shots and opportunities to attack the rim
Open Practice with Jamion ChristianOpen Practice with Jamion Christian
with Jamion Christian, Mt. St. Mary's Head Coach

Jamion Christian opens his practice doors for a detailed look at how he teaches his Mayhem style of play. From breakdown drills to full court 4v4 drills, Coach Christian leaves nothing out in his installment of Mayhem.

In five different drill series, featuring full- and half-court drills used to teach Mayhem, you will get a look at how Coach Christian sets the tone for practice by moving his players quickly from drill to drill. He pushes them to pick up instruction quickly while building skill development that fits the Mayhem style of play.

On defense, Coach Christian uses several 4v4 drills to teach and build the full court pressing attack used in Mayhem. These drills allow you to work on the fundamentals of the press daily such as trapping, intercepting, and converting off of a turnover. He demonstrates a pressing gauntlet where players work at trapping in the front court and at half court. He demonstrates several drills that will improve your help defense in half court man-to-man. Your players will learn how to react, when the basketball is being driven both middle and baseline, in order to stop the penetration.

On offense, coach uses individual and 5v4 concepts to teach the offensive skills needed to play in Mayhem. He breaks guards and post players down to work on ball handling, finishing moves, and shooting out of Mayhem. He puts everything together in 5v4 secondary break were his offense works on their secondary break sets that lead into pick and roll situations. These drills will improve ball handling and shooting in transition. If you are a pressing team, like Mount Saint Mary's, you will want to play the game at a fast pace where effective transition offense is highly critical

You will also get multiple drills that will improve agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. All three tools are critical in order to play basketball at a high level.

This is a great instructional DVD for any coach looking to master the Mayhem style of play and incorporate build up drills in practice.

77 minutes. 2014.

In-Season "Mayhem" Skill Development DrillsIn-Season "Mayhem" Skill Development Drills
with Jamion Christian, Mt. St. Mary's Head Coach;

In this one of a kind all access DVD, up and coming Mt. St. Mary's Head Coach Jamion Christian goes in-depth into five different drill series for the Mayhem Offensive System. You will get a detailed look at how to workout your players so they understand the scoring opportunities and actions within the "Mayhem" offense that has helped Mt. St. Mary's become a consistent 3-point threat.

In Coach Jamion's skill development series you will learn a different set of skills with each drill series.

  • Drill Series 1: Coach Christian spends time working with his post players to develop their 1-on-1 skills on the block. He teaches you how to hold your players to high expectations such as finishing every time you go to the rim, handling the ball in and out of the post, and how to use your post move effectively to score against any defender. You will see how Coach Christian uses combination drills to teach skills such as ball handling, post moves, and defend in the post using a 1-on-1 chair drill.
  • Drill Series 2: Coach Christian continues his work with his post players as he puts them into Mayhem situations. Using pick and roll situations, Coach Christian teaches his post players how to read the screen and be able to catch and finish both early and late off of the high pick and roll. Coach Christian continues his post player development through the use of the side pick and roll along with a reversal series to teach his post players how to get open shots from the wing and corner off of a pick and roll.
  • Drill Series 3 and 4: Included in these drill series you will learn how to develop your wings and guards in multiple ways. Coach Christian uses the pick and roll from the wing and top of the key to teach his guards how to attack off the dribble, and also look for the open shooter in the corner or off of the roll. Just as he works with his post players on finishing, Coach Christian strongly emphasizes the importance of finishing at the rim for an "and 1." Your players will learn a variety of attacking moves including the euro finish, kobe finishes, and peer pressure drill where players have to be strong with the basketball as they finish in the lane.
  • Drill Series 5: Coach Christian uses his last off season workout session with his players to put everything together into a competitive workout. Coach has his players work to develop a series of ball handling moves in order to become a better attacker going to the rim. Coach Jamion will teach you drills that incorporate the actions and movements within the Mayhem offense and put your players into successful scoring position.

This is a must have DVD for any level of coach that is looking to take their skill development to the next level. If you're a coach that emphasizes attacking the rim and scoring off the three pointer, then this Mayhem skill development DVD is a must for you.

117 minutes. 2014.

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Ratings & Reviews

Jamion Christian's Basketball Practice Drill Set
on June 1, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

This is a well done fast pace, video that will give you some great ideas for incorporating skill development into your practice everyday. Well done Coach Christian, and congrats on a great season.

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Jamion Christian's Basketball Practice Drill Set
on March 14, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Really liked these videos a great deal! We use VCU's Havoc Defense and Mount Saint Mary's breakdown drills for their full court pressure are very similar to the ones used to build up Havoc. As a program we will use his skill development stuff this coming off-season. I think it was great for both the guards and the bigs! I also liked his toughness/finishing drills.

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