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Installing the Princeton Offense

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Features & Benefits
  • Force your opponent to guess what your next cut or action will be utilizing this difficult to dissect offense
  • Get detailed teachings on the five major parts of the Princeton Offense
  • Learn warm-up drills that will teach your players the basic movements and cuts within the Princeton Offense
  • Learn 5-on-0 teaching progressions that breakdown every option within the Princeton Offense and how to react when the defense takes away an option
with Mike Nienaber, Christian Brothers University;
2013 Gulf South Conference Coach of the Year; 2x Gulf South Conference West Champions (2008, 2009), 3x GSC West Coach of the Year, NABC South Region Coach of the Year Award; over 400 career wins

Learn the Princeton Offense like never before. Memphis coaching icon, Mike Nienaber, teaches you the ins and outs of the offense that earned him over 100 wins in the last five seasons for Christian Brothers University. With its constant motion and various scoring options, the Princeton Offense can be very hard to dissect. Through the use of 5-on-5 action, progression breakdowns and options within each progression, Coach Nienaber makes this complex offense look simple.

Coach Nienaber takes you through a warm-up session that prepares your players for every scoring angle and option within the offense. The warm up session includes full speed, game like layups that simulate the backdoor cuts used in the Princeton Offense.

The Four Minute Drill get your team ready for the multitude of 3-point shots that this offense offers. With the "Five Up" drills, you can put your players through the essential moves used within the Princeton Offense; backdoor cuts, dribble handoffs and back screens are all implemented in this set of drills. With each drill, your players will learn how to read their defender and create scoring opportunities out of a back cut, post move, or screening action.

Coach Nienaber demonstrates in a 5-on-5 four minute drill how the offense will look once your team has mastered every option. As the players run through the offense in the full court setting, he explains each move, screen and set as it is happening on the floor so you know what to look for in a game like setting.

Once you have an idea of how the offense will look in a full court 5-on-5 setting, Coach Nienaber breaks out into 5-on-0 demonstrations and outlines every teaching progression. Nienaber teaches five different 'looks' of the Princeton Offense (Low, Five Up, Elbow, High and Chin). Each has at least three scoring options and can flow into another setup fluidly. Nienaber explains each setup and motion, then runs the options through with his team on the floor. He walks you through at a pace that will allow you to understand where the scoring options should occur and how to teach them to your players. By walking you through every option you will become a master at teaching the Princeton Offense.

Coach Nienaber does an excellent job of taking a complex system of cuts and putting them into steps that are easy to understand and implement.

If you're a high school coach looking for an offensive system that will keep your opponent guessing, this Princeton Offense is for you!

190 minutes (2 DVDs). 2013.

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Ratings & Reviews

Installing the Princeton Offense
on April 12, 2016
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by AdamBrill34

Great DVD!! Live practice action along with broken down instruction. Would've loved to see breakdown drills that would help implement the concepts. Overall great instructional DVD for this variation of the Princeton offense.

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Installing the Princeton Offense
on March 29, 2016
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Well done. Goes through all the Princeton concepts, gives good drills to teach aspects of the offense, and shows in game footage of the offense. I would highly recommend this video if you are looking to add this offense.

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Installing the Princeton Offense
on March 24, 2015
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

If you are looking to use all or parts of the Princeton Offense and have it demystified, look no further. This Dvd moves at a great pace and has each set clearly explained and players running 5 on 0 through multiple times. There is also a lot of great scrimmage footage with Coach Nienaber explaining the action as well as game footage with examples of all the sets. Highly recommend this Dvd!

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Installing the Princeton Offense
on August 22, 2013
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Anonymous

A good DVD for seeing the big picture of the Princeton Offense. It is just an overview of 5 on 0 and scrimmage settings of the options within the offense. Doesn't have much for breakdown drills, etc. But, it does have explain and give examples of the options within the offense.

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Installing the Princeton Offense
on May 24, 2013
  • Currently 2/5 Stars.
2/5 Stars

by Anonymous

The majority of the DVD was spent on the certain actions and sets that can happen out of the offense. There were no breakdown drills on how to install the offense or rep the different kinds of scoring actions you will see. Most of the teaching was done in a 5 on 0 setting where they just ran through set plays. One of the few DVD's I have purchased that was not helpful at all. I would not recommend buying this.

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