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Harry Perretta's 5-Out Motion Offense, Volume 2

Harry Perretta's 5-Out Motion Offense, Volume 2
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  • Learn how to level the playing field against more athletic teams
  • Learn how to control tempo, enhance the abilities of your players and get more 3-point looks
  • Discover how to get to the rim with the dribble drive adaptation to the 5-out offense
  • Learn how to initiate the offense against intense pressure using defense busting set plays

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with Harry Perretta, Villanova University Women's Basketball Coach,
over 630 career wins

Nearly 10 years ago, Harry Perretta produced one of Championship Productions' top-selling "5-Out Motion Offense" videos. Thousands of coaches learned how to control tempo and enhance their players' abilities using his 5-out motion. Now, Coach Perretta returns to show how he has taken his 5-out offense to a new level by adding:

  • dribble drive action
  • reverse curl action
  • more movement on the perimeter for the 4 and 5
  • flare and slip screens with non-stop action
  • dribble action to improve the passing angles to post players

Other valuable concepts are taught within the offense and when put together as a whole, this offense is incredibly hard to scout and can level the playing field when playing against more athletic teams.

In his new presentation, Coach Perretta shows the entire offense and discusses how he has updated it. It all begins with a series of seven different cuts called by numbers. Using on-court demonstrations, he explains each cut option in a 5-on-0 setting and shows you how to teach it to your players. Next, Coach Peretta demonstrates how easily you can call plays, fakes and combination plays from the sideline without using a timeout. From 5-on-0 to 3-on-3 to 5-on-5, Coach Perretta steadily builds your knowledge of the system so you will be able to easily implement it into your program

As players come off of screens or cuts, the offense seamlessly morphs into the dribble drive action. With the dribble drive element, shots quickly open up as the defense is forced to help on the ball handler. Coach Perretta also shows how motion offense concepts can be used as secondary break options. Using his unique numbering system, players run the break and jump into quick plays. Players no longer need to learn a fast break, secondary break and set plays, which frees up valuable practice time for other work.

Use this video to install a hard-to-guard offensive system or to simply add some valuable basketball actions. With the "Updated 5-Out Motion Offense," you will have complete control of your offense and you'll be able to pick your opponents defense apart from the sideline.

73 minutes. 2014.

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