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with Ganon Baker;
Nike Basketball Training Specialist,
Ambidextrous Shooting Coach,
and World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

"It's not the drill, it's the skill" is a major theme of Ganon Baker's basketball training program. Skill training is imperative for becoming a complete player and Baker is one of the world's best! Post players must master the same skills as perimeter players, including ball handling, passing, driving and shooting. Baker teaches players to get their shoulders lower than the defenders hip. The first emphasis is based on ball handling with two ball dribble drills. Four drills challenge post players to handle the ball efficiently. Taking physical contact is important and is worked into many drills. More difficult are two-ball drills on the move with a finish at the end. Playing in the post is broken down into its most important parts. Footwork, use of body, contact and positioning are all elements of good post play. Scoring from the block area is necessary and Baker demonstrates where to catch the ball, the footwork involved and the specific shot to use for all post players. Competitive one-on-one post move drills put teaching into action.

62 minutes. 2008.

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