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with Ganon Baker;
Nike Basketball Training Specialist,
Ambidextrous Shooting Coach,
and World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

Ganon Baker's endless energy and knowledge of training players is on display again in this great tool for developing wing players! His reputation is one of a great teacher of the game, forcing players out of their comfort zone to improve. By using tennis balls, Baker shows players how they can improve their focus and eye/hand coordination. Players handle the ball as they drop and catch the tennis ball, as seen in the Five-Cone Drill. Getting by the defender is made possible by using the shoulders to hip concept. Using a blocking glove, Baker makes players handle the ball with contact in the Door Drill. Many different finishes are taught including the floater. The explosive, low dribble is the foundation of every drill. Weak hand development is important and addressed in all drills. Chairs are a valuable tool in these drills, making players get very low to pick the ball off the chair. Some 2-on-2 play wraps up this information packed presentation!

63 minutes. 2008.

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