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Franklin Martin's Pro Development Camp: Lunch Break Workout

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with Franklin Martin,
Pro Development Camp (Founder) and Coach

Franklin Martin's Pro Development Camp was established in 1996 by Coach Martin and NBA Hall of Fame Center, Bill Walton. Martin, a former Division I player and assistant coach, also added NBA agent experience to his resume. In 2005 Martin brought his program to the West Coast. Based in Los Angeles he now trains NBA and collegiate players at UCLA. The Lunch Break Workout can be done in 30 minutes during a lunch break, and is custom made for high school players. Fundamental shooting drills are a big part of starting out on the right foot. Starting under the rim, players execute the four fundamentals of shooting: Bend & balance, in & under, rim & release and dedication. A major emphasis is put on the push-pull dribble. Added to the push-pull is through the legs, behind the back and spin. Full court ball handling is demonstrated in the "Push Out" dribble drill, alternate dribble drill and escape dribble. Martin is a proponent of foot quickness and shows the alternating, side-to-side, box and reverse box drills. The jumping drill drives knees to the chest and builds explosiveness. Partner shooting drills, like the 5-spot drill, emphasize low play and shooting fundamentals. The one dribble drill helps develop awareness coming off screens. The "hard dribble" is one long, extended dribble in front heading to the rim. To add to this move, the one-two step leads to a pull up jump shot over the defense. The rip through, drop drive and reverse lay-up can also be added to each of these drills. This workout is a featured workout at the Five-Star basketball Camp and that was designed for Five-Star and the McDonald All-Americans. This DVD provides an outline for a 30-minute workout that can progressively add quickness, ball skills and shooting ability to your game. Use the drills presented to invest wisely in your game!

73 minutes. 2006.

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Franklin Martin's Pro Development Camp: Lunch Break Workout
on June 21, 2007
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by BryanNixon528

This is a solid video. Nothing really innovative or earth shattering, but a good video nontheless. I like the fact that he emphasizes 2 ball dribbling drills, which I am a huge believer in. I also like the idea of a short, intense workout. Practicing too long doesn't do much good if the workout isn't intense and gamelike. Let's face it, most kids aren't going to work on their skills 2-3 hours a day. But I think you can get most players to invest 30 minutes a day. Overall, this DVD has good ideas and solid information.

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