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Franklin Martin's Pro Development Camp: Cone Drills

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with Franklin Martin,
Pro Development Camp (Founder) and Coach

The Pro Development Camp was established in 1996 by Coach Martin and NBA Hall of Fame Center, Bill Walton. Martin, a former Division I player and assistant coach, also added NBA agent experience to his sterling resume. Because Martin trained his own players and negotiated their contracts he was credited for their improvements, which led to great contracts. In 2005, Martin brought his program to the West Coast. Based in Los Angeles he now trains NBA and collegiate players at UCLA. This self-improvement DVD on cone drills illustrates his ability to transform players quickly and turn their "dreams into reality." Martin teaches the "open stance" on the wing, which allows players many options on the catch. The left pivot drill works on four moves: Rip through low, shoot, drive and drop step drive. Cones are placed on the floor to simulate defenders. The change of direction drill requires the player to beat two defenders and shoot over the third. The third defender represents the help that rotates over to defend the ball, making these drills game-like. Multiple moves in these drills enhance a player's footwork, ability to play low and finish shots. Players become versatile by using both pivot feet and using through the legs and behind the back dribbles. From the point guard position, Martin puts players through drills facing the basket. These drills develop the crossover, step back dribble, the floater shot and the running hook. The full court dribble drill challenges players to cover the most floor with the least amount of dribbles. With this DVD, all players can develop perimeter skills needed in today's game. These drills will help you gain confidence and ball skills that will elevate you into the next level.

50 minutes. 2006.

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