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Fatigue Shooting Drills

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with Kevin Sutton,
George Washington University Assistant Coach;
former Montverde Academy Men's Basketball Head Coach,
NIKE Skill Academy Instructor

To become a great shooter, players must concentrate and execute when fatigue begins to set in. Coach Sutton uses his own players in this on-court session where they are pushed physically and mentally. Each drill requires players to be shot ready, react to situations, use proper technique and maintain total concentration. The workout opens with a dynamic stretching routine that combines stretching with ball handling. In the full court, Sutton introduces 11 drills that focus on stretching and concentration. The Power 45 drill demands communication and teamwork, as well as shooting and footwork. Each player shoots 45 shots from three spots on the floor. Before transitioning to the next drill, players shoot free throws, jump rope or run sprints. The Around the World drill uses chairs in three spots six feet around the basket. Maneuvering around chairs while shooting makes this drill a challenge. Chairs are moved to half court for the M drill. After each shot, players run around chairs to the next spot. X shooting is also difficult by adding a back pedal to half court followed by a shot in transition. Defense is added to the X drill where everything that happens in the game of basketball is simulated. The final drill is sideline to sideline touches with chairs. Defensive slides again are an added feature of this workout. Cool down is a chair shooting drill that allows players to concentrate while winding down from the workout. Each drill has been carefully and creatively designed to push players while working on their shooting. Games are won and lost in the last minutes and fatigue often plays a huge part. Use this DVD to join those who win when it counts!

50 minutes. 2006.

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