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Explosive and Full Court Drills from Around the World

Explosive and Full Court Drills from Around the World
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  • Currently 5.00/5 Stars.
5.00/5 Stars (1 Review)
  • Learn drills that develop explosive movement with and without the ball
  • Teach your players to play at multiple speeds on the court
  • Discover seven full court drills and their variations that you can use to teach any skill and to turn essential skills into habits

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with Terry Layton, Nike Scout and International Consultant for Latin America;
300+ Wins at the High School, Junior College and College level in the U.S., 300+ wins at the International level

Terry Layton has literally been all over the world as a coach, scout and player. The drills you will see in this video are a collection of all the international exposure Layton has had, giving you the best of what is being done in the international game.

Accustomed to giving clinics in the USA and throughout the world, he shows you innovative drills and concepts not seen elsewhere. All drills are done with only two baskets, as that is typically what many international coaches have available.

Coach Layton uses a progressive style to demonstrate how the international game has become a league comparable to the NBA.

Explosion Drills
Get ready for a unique perspective that is about to give you're an explosive edge. Coach Layton lays out the foundation for training your players to move at different speeds. He describes and outlines his Explosion Theory of Training with whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstrators. You get an overview of explosion drills you can use to make your players faster, provide your players with a better understanding of changing speeds, and how and when to use it to their advantage.

Coach Layton goes over 10 aspects of explosion training, which includes increasing speed anytime players change directions; to move faster after making fakes to gain advantage; to explode after passing and screening and to get into rebounding position; to explode into position on transition whether it's into offense or defense. Layton gives two drills on technique, two drills on fakes with the ball and ball handling moves and with out the ball, three drills on passing and exploding on outlets, cuts and penetrate and kicks and more.Coach Layton sets his sights on the defensive side of things next. He talks about how necessary it is to explode into position on trapping and gives two drills pertaining to what he calls long and short traps and a drill on pressure defense. To fill out the rest of the video he ends with what he calls explosive plays. These are offensive plays that change the tempo of their offense into a fast break type of offense in the half court. This type of offense is not seen here in the United States but can be effective elsewhere in the world. It goes onto his thoughts of changing speeds and tempo.

Full Court Drills
Coach Layton outlines seven drills that he has picked up from some of the best international coaches. With each drill, he describes how to incorporate Fartlek Training or continuous interval training to make every drill feel like a game situation. Each full court drill works to master your players fundamental habits and works to build their skills into explosive basketball players. Layton works to help you master the lost art of passing by teaching your players to effectively pass to an open player where he wants to ball. He uses a new concept of Belly passes to get your players ready for any open shot.

Coach Layton teaches you his Argentine Drill that is great for any pre-game warm-up routine or pre-practice routine and will have your players loose and focused. In his Chinese Drill your players will learn how to attack the basket off a pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop situation. In his Mexican 3 Ball Drill, your players will master the art of triple threat and shot prep as they look to attack the basket off of a penetrate and kick situation. With every drill, your players moving the length of the floor improving their conditioning and developing their quickness.

If you are a coach at any level that is looking for drills to maximize your gym space and to push your players to a new level of training and moving, this is a must have training DVD. Coach Layton gives you an advantage over your opponents, training your players to consistently blow by their opponents leaving them guessing at how to stop you.

109 minutes. 2013.

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Ratings & Reviews

Explosive and Full Court Drills from Around the World
on November 2, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Stedak

I added this review to all three of his videos. The first two are very long the third is much shorter. All are good. This is a really good video. He describes how in many areas there is a severe lack of resources to practice basketball. There might only be two baskets or very few basketballs etc.. Coach Layton presents a *large* number of drill that really allow a coach to leverage his practice time. One thing that I liked about this video is that you can jump around and take what you want and use it. The one downside is that it is really long. Great value!

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