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Doug Bruno: Eight Interchangeable Offensive Sets

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with Doug Bruno,
DePaul University Women's Basketball Coach,
9 NCAA Tournament Appearances

Coach Bruno demonstrates a series of eight interchangeable man-to-man offenses designed to capitalize on half-court defensive lapses by utilizing this unique offensive attack. Bruno's system is designed to maximize each player's strengths, while maintaining a consistent system that can be instilled in the minds of the players at any level, any year. Bruno uses extensive on-court demonstration to show eight interchangeable sets including: Flex, back screen, down screen, straight dive, bump, flare, reverse, and back blast. Utilizing these sets will be virtually impossible to scout and prepare for and will also keep your opponent off balance and confused throughout the game. In addition, Bruno provides seven essential principles that guide his offensive sets and made his team the highest scoring team in the nation in '03-'04. As an added bonus, Coach Bruno emphasizes the importance of transition in each and every offensive set and demonstrates drills to effectively teach the fastbreak. If you want to make your team virtually impossible to scout, prepare for, and even defend, this is the offensive system for you!

74 minutes. 2005.

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Doug Bruno: Eight Interchangeable Offensive Sets
on June 17, 2012
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Crafty

Coach Doug Bruno is an informed critical thinker. He tends to talk a bit too much at his clinic presentations because he sees and understands so many aspects of the game that others might miss. He is willing to share all that he knows. Analytical thinkers seeking tiny nuggets of wisdom will appreciate his comments. Others might think he strays off the path.
This offense has five interchangeable players (four on the perimeter) and flows smoothly from a numbered secondary break. There are either two players on a side or three players on a side without the ball. He teaches eight different backside actions depending how many players (2 or 3) are on that side without the ball. Thus, it is a selection of two-man screens and cuts off the ball and three-man screens and cuts off the ball. When a player changes sides of the floor, the count changes from 2 to 3 or 3 to 2 and the actions roll on. Given that Coach Bruno taught all of this 2-0, 3-0 and 5-0 to newbies in a clinic session, this is not difficult to learn at all. In fact, a limit of one or two options could be taught and ran as one or two pattern continuities (which he has the players demonstrate for purposes of repetition but does not describe it as a continuity pattern). When all eight options are learned, this free flowing offense would seem to overwhelm a defense by moving quickly from one option to the other. Thus, coaches who purchase this video can select how many options they want to use with their team. It's not difficult to learn because players just count 2 or 3 on their side and run a correlated option. IMHO, this video revolutionizes the Flex/Swing offense, but other options of this offense could be ran without ever using the Flex/Swing!
There was an ackward variation of a full-court 3-on-2 drill that seemed out of place. Not enough time was available to perfect the drill for the viewer. The visual production is clear, but I had trouble hearing this video. The producer failed to provided one chapter for each option so the viewer can not go directly to the option s/he is looking to review. Coach Bruno's concepts are worth five stars but a small flaw or two needs to be ironed out.

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Doug Bruno: Eight Interchangeable Offensive Sets
on May 12, 2008
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

This offense has some very positive aspects, but seems to be a little hard to learn.

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