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  • Use man offense principles to flow into your zone offense attack
  • Learn to cut underneath a zone and become difficult to guard
  • Learn to emphasize screening angles to create scramble situations, miscommunication and uncertainty of assignments for the defense
  • Learn how to alter the movements to play against an odd guard front zone
  • Get a number of quick hitters against the zone to get the ball to the hot shooter
with Dana Altman, University of Oregon Head Coach;
.623 all-time winning percentage in 22 years as a NCAA Division I head coach;
Has won four "Coach-of-the-Year" awards from three different conferences; former head coach at Creighton University where he led the Blue Jays to 13 consecutive postseason appearances, and 11 straight seasons with 20-plus wins.

Utilize player movement and quick ball movement to effectively score against zones.

In an on-court demonstration, Dana Altman begins by showing you his basic spread set against man-to- man defense. This offense is ideal for any team that has undersized post players that can generate scoring, both inside and outside. He discusses in detail how to use incorporate offense that can work against man and zone defenses. In particular, through spacing, ball movement, and player movement, he is able to make the 3-point shot a big weapon.

Basic Spread Zone Offense
Altman provides a detailed breakdown of his basic Spread Zone Offense and shows numerous counter actions to take advantage of how the defense is positioned. Altman shows what to do if the defense takes away the first or second options and what to look for on ball reversal. He goes through several options that get the ball in your best player's hands in the scoring area while also providing open post looks for undersized post players.

Quick Hitters Against a 2-3 Zone
Learn 8 quick hitters that will provide nightmares for anyone trying to stop your zone offense. Altman gives you plenty of looks that will confuse your opponent while creating easy scoring chances for your team. And just as defense starts to adjust to what you are doing, Altman provides counters within these quick hitters that will leave the defense scrambling and put you ahead on the scoreboard.

1-3-1 Quick Hitters and Baseline Out of Bounds Plays Against a 2-3 Zone
Altman shows two quick hitters against the 1-3-1 zone, as well as three baseline out of bounds plays from a 4 high set that will open up the paint for layups or get your best shooter wide open looks from behind the three point line.

Great coaches at any level, this DVD does a good job of explaining the importance of using man offensive principles against a zone defense. By using player movement, screens, quick ball movement, and the use of the 3 point shot, this DVD will improve your team's offensive efficiency against zones--even if your team is undersized!

Produced at the Spring 2010 Wisconsin Dells (WI) clinic.

66 minutes. 2012.

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Ratings & Reviews

Dana Altman: Using the High Post Offense to Attack Zone Defense
on April 7, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by JellyBean2144

Very impressive DVD. I gave this DVD a 5 star rating. This is an update to coach Altman's other DVD "Complete Guide to the High Post vs any defense". In this DVD Coach starts the video off with a basic look at his spread man-to-man offense. He presents the cuts (1, 2,& 3)and movement of players when guarded man-to-man and shows how the post can get open for the drive or 15-foot jump shot. This is done without defense.

This is where the 5-star rating comes into play. When the presentation moves into the "Spread Zone" phase, coach presents this offense with 5v5. In this phase, coach gives you the How and the Why. If the defense takes away your 1st or 2nd option, coach shows you the 3rd and 4th option. The quick hitters for the zone offense are excellent. Coach gives you some plays that you an run after a timeout or just something to keep the defense guessing. This offense is a plus for high school because most of us lack a tall post player. For me, this offense was a big help for my H.S girls basketball team. We lacked size and the spacing allowed for us to score a lot of points on back door cuts, points from hand-offs from the post, and points from the pinch post area; plus we were able to have one offensive system. This is a great system to have if you lack a dominate post player. And if you have a dominate post player, this offense is a big plus for you because you have options to run a High-Low look or Post entry and have the opposite post player dive for a score. Nice system to have. I love this offense and I am looking to run it again over the summer and next season.

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