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"Daily Dozen" Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball

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Features & Benefits
  • Gain valuable shooting tips from NBA assistant coach Kelvin Sampson
  • Improve your player's confidence in their weak hand
  • Make your players harder to defend by discovering drills that teach them to shoot on the move
  • Help your player quickly catch and shoot before the defense recovers
with Kelvin Sampson,
Houston Rockets (NBA) Assistant Basketball Coach, former NCAA Head Coach

This is your opportunity to attend a youth basketball camp with Kelvin Sampson! Recorded live at a youth camp, Sampson delivers shooting drills that can improve any player's ability to score on the basketball floor. Learn to incorporate these fun, competitive aspects of shooting into your practice!

Coach Sampson begins with his Daily Dozen Drill Series. You'll see how to use this series to attack the basket and get greats shot against even the best defense you will see this year. Using this series will allow you to spend more time making jump shots off the dribble, working on your weak hand and finishing lay-ups.

Sampson also includes his 4 Minute Full-Court Shooting Drill which emphasizes the importance of good passing, sprinting the floor hard and communication. To teach conditioning and focus in shooting, Sampson uses the Seven-Point Shooting Drill, spot shooting and the Curl Shooting Drill.

All of these excellent shooting drills can be used in any practice setting and can really help your team light up the score board!

65 minutes. 2012.

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Ratings & Reviews

"Daily Dozen" Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball
on August 31, 2012
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Crafty

Kelvin Sampson has coached college basketball for 25 years and is now in the professional ranks so he knows what he's talking about. He has the uphill challenge of teaching shooting drills in a camp setting to raw beginners who are physically too weak to shoot effectively in most cases so he's forced to limit some of the drills to older kids. The video starts with two-lines "daily dozen" shooting series with 6 different shots from the right side and 6 different shots from the left side, appropriate for an individual workout or an entire team. Sampson proceeds to other well-designed shooting drills that he has used throughout his coaching career that in some cases are too difficult for young kids. High school coaches could definately make use of this video. The Magic Elbow drill is a common shooting drill that is excellent for pre-game warmups for all ages but it should start from the blocks and gradually move out to the elbows.
There is a chapter on SHOOTING TIPS that is worth the price of the video for an inexperienced coach. Sampson explains and demonstrates the proper technique and thought process to becoming a good shooter starting from 3' away. (Unfortunately he is not filmed working with individuals players using his approach; it's just his spot-on demonstration to the entire group of kids that is seen.) Anyone who desires to know how to teach shooting should memorize his simplified, logical presentation and preach it over and over. He did not baby the kids and presented a couple suggestions on having the proper mind-set to acquire success that is very valuable for a parent/coach to instill in our youth. Some viewers might miss the point.

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"Daily Dozen" Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball
on August 13, 2012
  • Currently 2/5 Stars.
2/5 Stars

by TomStarr339

This DVD is very misleading and not worth the money. Are there some good points on here? Yes, but their was no teaching about shooting. This was held at a basketball camp for kids atleast 8 yrs old to 16. Most of the kids just watched, while the few that participated were not shown practical shooting. This is a DVD about Youth Basketball and teaching underhand layups and reverse layups when they were having difficulties shooting regular layups is not called for at this age. Coach Sampson has coached at the highest levels and this does not reflect on his knowledge but it was uncomfortable watching him talking to the kids.

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