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  • See great examples of how to breakdown game situations into repetitive drills and individual player development.
  • Learn drills to work on penetrating the paint in a breakdown format
  • Get a plethora of set plays to run versus man and zone defenses
with Kevin Boyle, Montverde Academy (FL) Head Coach;
2015 High School National Champions; Back-to-back-to-back High School National Champions (2013-15);
Has led Montverde to a 107-7 record in four season (2012-15);
2011 Naismith National High School Boys Basketball Coach of the Year; 2x USA Today National HS Coach of the Year;
the only High School Coach to have back-to-back NBA Draft picks (picked #1 and #2) with the 2011 #1 pick Kyrie Irving and the 2012 # 2 pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Kevin Boyle presents a complete offensive package involving fundamental drills, transition play, set plays, pressure releases.

Players need to be multi-dimensional to be able to beat the defense. With that, Coach Boyle starts with having the team go through fundamental drills important for offensive success such as dribble penetration and utilizing ball screens. With both of these, he runs the team through various options that involve reading the defense and making good decisions to get easy scores.

Next, Coach Boyle works on breakdown shooting drills for guards. These drills involve coming off different types of screens to get shots, reading the help defense and getting yourself open. He then moves on to Post work. Drills here include the Mikan, Mikan with a shot fake, duck-ins, jump hooks, and spin moves.

From there, Coach Boyle moves on to transition offense. He works a progression set that starts with a 3-man break, then moving to a 4- and 5-man. When the 5-man break starts, Coach Boyle goes through some of his early offense options, all of which involve moves from the fundamental drills from earlier in the DVD.

Coach Boyle then runs the team through some special situations for their 4-out, 1-in motion offense including set plays, pressure releases, and clear outs.

Moving on from their man-to-man lead ups, Coach Boyle talks about attacking multiple zone defenses including 2-3, 1-3-1, and 1-2-2 or 3-2. The goal for his team is to create as many 2-on-1 situations as possible to break down the zones.

In this DVD, Coach Boyle presents everything a coach and team, from youth to high school, would need to become a strong offensive team with many different options for success!

112 minutes. 2012.

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Ratings & Reviews

Complete Package for Man & Zone Offense
on April 5, 2015
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Coachdhoops

Great variety of plays that work for all styles of teams. Coach Boyle is an expert when in it comes to the details.

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Complete Package for Man & Zone Offense
on March 28, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by JellyBean2144

5-Star rating right here!!

The DVD starts off with the "Decision" reads for point guards driving to the rim. PG can hit either the wing or the post depending on what the defense is doing. Coach Boyle's instruction in this, an all of these drills, are what make this DVD so 5-Star rating. He is constantly instructing the players.

Phase II of the DVD looks at using screens(Offense side). Perfet instruction for us high school coaches. Heck this section is great for all coaches. Coach Boyle shows how to use screens and what you can do if a defense tries to double, switch, or hedge. Cool little trick to add to a coache tool belt.

Another Phase of the DVD looks at position players, in this DVD coach works on guards/wings and post players. With the guards, coach shows you how to drill the dribble and kick option, hand-off option,the dribble and lift option which is the beginning of the motion offense phase.

After the guards get their work in, the post players are up. Nothing fancy with post work (Dang it!) I did like the "Duck-In" drills. A lot of players, depending on the region where you play, do not know how to "Duck-In" so having this on DVD helps me with summer camps as well as for my team next winter. I like the post work because coach stresses the art of post entry passing. Great stuff.

After post work, coach begins to show us how he goes into his offense. We get a look at his progression break drills, 3v0, 4v0, and 5v0. When he is at the 5v0 set we get a look at secondary break options. Again great stuff for coaches, especially me who is looking for solid secondary break options. Coach gives something like 5 options for a secondary break.

Moving from the progression phase, we are now looking at set plays. The set plays are simple and effective, "Power" was most effective for my young JV team this year. Easy to teach and coach makes sure that you are running the plays from both sides of the floor. Plus he makes sure that you are getting touches for the post, "Power" as well as looks for the perimeter players on your team through other offensive sets. These are Man-to-Man offense sets. Although you might get lucky to run these against a zone offense as well. Depending on how well those teams are coached.

The Zone Offense phase looks at attacking 2-3, 1-3-1, and 2-1-2 type zones. Coach covers attacking the gaps in a zone and how to read the defender. Excellent tips on attacking a zone.

This is an excellent DVD to add to your collection. You get FB tips, player position drills and tips, how to handle Man to Man defenses as well as Zone defenses.

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