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Competitive Individual Improvement Drills

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with Dave Smart,
Carleton University Head Coach;
Canada's National Men's Basketball Assistant Coach

Coach Smart covers the cornerstones of his shooting and skill development philosophy in this excellent DVD. Smart demonstrates six drill progressions to help players hone skills needed to play at their optimal level. Smart believes that the "One Step" teaching method is crucial to being effective for offensive players and focuses on the two main concepts of the "One Step" method: Sitting on the dominant pivot and "selling opposite." Players are taught to attack shoulder to hip, make a big "low and long" first step, and then turn the corner. Smart shows the first step, one-dribble drill, which works on improving this skill. In the primary/secondary phase of skill development, the offensive move is dictated by how the defense reacts to the initial move. When defenders take away one direction on the dribble, it opens the door to drive in the opposite direction. The freeze move, split move, and attack/jump stop/step through move are all part of the "One Step" teaching progression. Shooting fundamentals - emphasizing full elbow extension and follow through - highlight the instruction as players demonstrate skills on the floor. The lie-down shooting drill and the one-hand "Beat the Pro" shooting drill are keys to successful shooting. This DVD is focused on the finer points of offensive skill development. By practicing within the "One Step" philosophy, players can learn to optimize their opportunities to drive by defenders and finish strong.

2006. 74 minutes.

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Competitive Individual Improvement Drills
on May 11, 2013
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Crafty

Coach Smart is quite basketball-smart. He is constantly giving his unique insights and beliefs. Sometimes he’s mainstream, sometimes he goes against the grain. Coach Smart explains what he feels is important (and not important) about shooting fundamentals and first step 1-on-1 techniques to beat a defender and counters to defensive adjustments.

This DVD is poorly named and the cover photograph is imported. Yes, it is about refining individual improvement. However, viewers expecting to see a variety of drills will be disappointed – this is an insightful lecture w/a couple demonstrators. Coach talks about making drills competitive but there are no winners and losers in these demonstrations other than scoring a basket. He constantly stops and corrects the players’ mistakes. Four finishing moves are emphasized but I do not consider these as “drill progressions.”

Experienced coaches who have tried to develop individual perimeter scorers and want a second opinion on what to teach individuals to create their own shot will like this video. Lower level coaches would be better suited buying something else. (The initial shooting techniques are useful for all players strong enough to shoot one-handed.) I like this video but it will not be to everyone’s taste. Students of the game who want to compare and debate their own approach against the explanations here will want this DVD.

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