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  • Discover an easy-to-run offense that creates scoring opportunities for every player on the court
  • Learn 10 set plays that will force opponents off balance
  • Learn breakdown drills that build up the offense by teaching cutting, screening, and how to read the defense
with Nick Cammarano, Frank Antonides (NJ) Middle School Boys' Basketball Coach;
career winning percentage (.715), eight 20 win seasons, 2 undefeated seasons (including 30-0 in 2003), 1 Run for the Roses Championship, 284 career wins in 15 seasons;
Founder and Director of the Quality Basketball Instruction (QBI) Basketball Camps

As part of his middle school offensive package, Nick Cammarano provides you with another great offense for your program: Box Offense. Coach Cammarono's version of the box offense gives isolations, quality post-up opportunities, pick and rolls, and numerous screens. His strategies create the perfect offensive system for a middle school team with multiple players that can score anywhere on the court.

Each segment of the box offense is designed to build an unstoppable scoring machine. To fully illustrate his strategies, Coach Cammarano uses on-court demonstrations in the 5-on-5 setting and 5-on-0 setting along with whiteboard diagrams.

He breaks down each layer of the box offense into easy drills that can be used in daily practice. By utilizing the point guard and post players, your team will develop the skills needed to be successful at running the box offense. You'll learn different looks within the box offense so your opponents won't know how to guard your best players.

Coach Cammarano demonstrates 10 different sets and wrinkles that can be used to teach the basic box set up. Each set play is designed to create a scoring opportunity. If your post player is your strongest offensive man, multiple options that include screens and isolations will get him the ball. If your guards are your more skilled players, screen and roll situations are set up to let them be more aggressive towards the hoop. Players will love to run the box offense as everyone has a scoring opportunity.

Designed especially for middle school players, the concepts are easily understood and implemented. Every possible game situation is addressed. Coach Cammarano continually stresses getting his best players the ball in good scoring spots. The box offense makes this happens.

Begin your season with a solid, teachable offense that will help your team have success when they have the ball.

77 minutes. 2014.

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Ratings & Reviews

Coaching Middle School Basketball: The Box Offense
on January 19, 2014
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Crafty

The Box Offense starts w/two posts stationed at the elbows and two wings on the low blocks while the point guard dribbles at the top of the key. (It could also start w/a double stack or even a Horns/A set not shown here.) Then the wings cut out to the perimeter and it becomes a basic continuity pattern 3-Around-2 double low post offense, pass and screen away or feature an early on-ball screen. The coach has all the numbered players set up on their assigned spots each time so he can call set plays (mostly enter right or left and screen to bring a certain player across to the ball). The coach likes to feature his best players at the #3 wing and the #4 low post. I consider the set plays as mere variations of the same basic continuity pattern; it’s all very similar to the "Box Regular" pattern. The description says there are “over 10 different set plays” but more like six sisters by my count. It’s all pretty much the same pass and screen away approach w/some on-ball screens included so “different” depends upon the eye of the beholder. Near the end of the DVD, the low posts go to the corners for a spread offense that utilizes 1-1 dribble penetration or the same pass and screen away concept.
This is probably the most common man-to-man offense seen at all levels of play featuring three perimeter players and two low posts. It requires an excellent point guard who can make a safe entry pass to the wing in an instant and then the wing must feed the low post. It’s all very basic K.I.S.S. concepts found at all levels of basketball. The drills are straight to the point examinations of specific parts of the offense to check to make sure each player is doing what he's suppose to do. Experienced coaches may find this drill approach boring but middle school players need this sort of spotlight. (Too many coaches assume their players know the offense by heart. This DVD does not do that.)
While there is nothing new, flashy or original here, I will give this DVD four stars for production clarity, thoroughness, menu design to assist the viewer, and staying on message with the target audience of amateur coaches. Coaches won’t go wrong with this approach, but you better have a skilled point guard to get things started and your low posts cannot hesitate to shoot over the defenders.

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