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Coaching Middle School Basketball: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays

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Features & Benefits
  • Learn out-of-bounds sets that can be used against man or zone defense to create numerous scoring opportunities
  • Learn breakdown drills for rehearsing scoring options and practicing the shots these plays deliver
  • Discover easy-to-teach plays that will confuse opponents
with Nick Cammarano, Frank Antonides (NJ) Middle School Boys' Basketball Coach;
career winning percentage (.715), eight 20 win seasons, 2 undefeated seasons (including 30-0 in 2003), 1 Run for the Roses Championship, 284 career wins in 15 seasons;
Founder and Director of the Quality Basketball Instruction (QBI) Basketball Camps

It's essential to score easy baskets when they're presented. In today's game, it's also important to get eight-to-10 points on out-of-bounds situations in order to gain an offensive edge. As part of a four-part DVD series, Nick Cammarano demonstrates eight out-of-bounds plays that will allow your team to take advantage of set situations. These are great sets that can be used against man or zone defense to gain an offensive advantage.

Coach Cammarano begins by introducing a set of drills that support all inbound actions. The first two drills (Follow the Leader and Rapid Fire Shooting) emphasize and imitate the shots needed in the game from inbound plays. Each drill requires numerous reps and forces players to focus on the fundamentals of shooting. In the 2-in-Traffic drill, post players compete to gather in offensive rebounds and put them back. This action is essential in the game of basketball, but even more prevalent with inbound plays. Defenses are usually scrambling; getting good position under the basket is quite easy if the offensive post players are looking for it.

Next in this instructional DVD, are two basic out-of-bounds set-ups that use a "stack" and "box" alignment. By keeping the alignments simple, players need to learn complex sets or numerous set plays, which can cause confusion and a breakdown in play. Coach Cammarano's eight out-of-bounds sets are easy to remember and teach to any middle school player. Your opponents won't know which play you are running next as you use the same actions to create scoring opportunities.

In order to be successful with out-of-bounds plays, a team must move quick, know their reads and, as much as possible, get the ball to the best scorers. With the plays on this DVD, these things can happen. If you're looking for easy sets to teach in your middle school program, then look no further than Coach Cammarano's eight out-of-bounds plays. They're sure to give you quick movements that allow players to effectively score anywhere on the court.

63 minutes. 2014.

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Coaching Middle School Basketball: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays
on January 19, 2014
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Crafty

This video matches the advertising description for the most part. It starts w/the traditional stack "I" inbounds plays and moves to the traditional box "U" set. The coach shows some creativity later in the video by moving one or more players into unusual positions to start. Most plays are designed to get a shot close to the basket or in the ballside corner as usual. The "numerous scoring opportunities" refers primarily to the movements BEFORE the inbounds pass is made. After the pass is made, the focus tends to be on the inbounds passer coming into play and not much else. The drills are O.K. but don't expect miracles. This video is well-produced for clarity and thoroughness, specific to the topic and target audience. Other videos might provide more bang for your buck but this DVD works as part of the middle school series for amateur coaches. Or, just copy inbounds plays from the games you are watching!

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