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Features & Benefits
  • Develop 3-point range and mid-range jumpers
  • See on-court demonstrations of 11 multi-dimensional drills
  • Drills teach ball handling, passing, shooting, cutting, pick & roll, as well as individual defense and rebounding
with Bob Hurley,St. Anthony's High School (NJ) Basketball Coach;
2010 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee;
27x State Parochial Championships; 65-game win streak (2010-12);
back-to-back Xcellent 25 (MaxPreps) National Champions (2011-10);
3x USA Today National Championships (1989, 1996, 2008);
2x National Coach of the Year by USA Today (1989, 1996); over 1,000 career victories

Help your perimeter players develop a full aresenal of skills.

In this on-court basketball DVD presentation, Coach Hurley takes you through his philosophy on effectively developing perimeter players. His drills for perimeter players develop 3-point range, the ability to drive to the rim and finish with both hands, fine tune passing skills and create a solid mid-range shot.

Hurley takes demonstrators through 11 multi-faceted drills, most of which work on multiple skills in the same drill. These drills develop shooting, ball handling, passing, rebounding and defense. The drills include:

  • 2-on-0 Full Court Warm-up (6 parts)
  • 5-3-1 Shooting (includes shooting, ball handling, and individual defense)
  • Curl-Pop-Fade (shooting while reading the defense while coming off a screen)
  • 3 Man Shooting (three shot drill off a pick & roll situations)
  • Passing Tag
  • Half Court 3-on-3 (competitive games)
  • Pitino 1-on-1 (conditioning and shooting)
  • Drexel 1-on-1 (individual offense and defense)
  • Dribbling Routine (7 part routine working on a variety of dribbling moves)
  • Steve Nash Shooting Routine (Breaks down the 20-minute workout while adding a couple extra shot moves)
  • Thirty and a half (shooting drill to finish the workout)

Coach Hurley's perimeter player drills emphasize teaching the fundamentals slowly and gradually, building them to game speed. Insert these new ideas, concepts, and drills into your program and start getting more from your perimeter.

85 minutes. 2011.

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Ratings & Reviews

Bob Hurley: Developing Perimeter Players
on October 5, 2011
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Jstnblke41

This is a good compliment to the Practice Planning DVD, a lot of really drills that are offensive oriented. There are a lot of good shooting drills and the 1 on 1 drills particularly looked really good to me. I think a lot of this content could really be beneficial for small group workouts or more skill development oriented practices, you can really get a lot of individual work done with this one. Misleading though on the Steve Nash workout, no demonstration and he just says to look it up on youtube. A little weak in my opinion. Still good enough for 5 from me.

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