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Bill Self's Open Basketball Practice Series

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Open Practice: High Post Screening Offense

with Bill Self, Kansas Head Coach;
2008 NCAA National Champions, 2012 NCAA Runner Up, 9x Big 12 Regular Season Champions (2005-2013), 2012 Naismith College Coach of the Year, John R Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2013); 500 Career Wins

Legendary head coach Bill Self provides an extensive look into the Kansas offensive system. Coach Self uses early practice session to guide you through a complex half court offense. By using white board diagrams, Coach Self takes you through step by step detailing each action within the offense.

The Kansas Offense is a free-flowing, yet very organized offense that starts with a rebound at the defensive end and attacks in multiple waves. Primary transition leads into Secondary transition. Secondary transition leads into multiple scenarios with the same starting set-up. For each segment, coach Self explains the strategy on a whiteboard step-by-step before taking you to the practice floor, where you observe the Jayhawks work on the offense extensively.

Coach Self demonstrates the basic rules each player needs to following order to keep the offense flowing. He takes you through their 2 game entry maximizing high-and low post options within their offense. With nothing open in fist, Self transitions smoothly into their ball screen fist offense utilizing driving lanes and paint touches creating a balanced offense.

Coach Self completes this basic Kansas offensive package by demonstrating their transition offense and all of the scoring options available in the half court. Self uses the white board diagrams to progressively build each layer of their secondary break. He also provides you with two baseline out of bounds plays you can run against a man or zone defense designed to get you an easy lay-up.

This is a must have for any coach looking for a new offensive system. With eight new players learning the offense, you get a great look at how to teach and install the Kansas offense into your program. You will learn the struggles and how to overcome these struggles as you install the Kansas offense.

With Bill Self's Kansas Offense, your teams will be in constant attack, leaving your opponents to scramble the entire possession.

108 minutes. 2014.

Open Practice: Zone Offense

with Bill Self, Kansas Head Coach;
2008 NCAA National Champions, 2012 NCAA Runner Up, 9x Big 12 Regular Season Champions (2005-2013), 2012 Naismith College Coach of the Year, John R Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2013); 500 Career Wins

Bill Self, University of Kansas head coach, offers up two zone offenses to add to your offensive playbook. While most offenses struggle to score or find gaps within a zone offense, Coach Self gives you two unstoppable zone offenses that provide main scoring options along with several counters you can use to make your offense unstoppable. With the primary goal to get four defenders to play just three of your offensive players, his zone offenses create confusion, scrambles, and open shots that will devastate your opposing coach.

In Stationary, Coach Self uses a quick moving zone offense to create scoring opportunities in the post and utilizing the short corner to stretch the defense. Your players will find gaps within the defense allowing you to score around the rim or look for a quick striking three point shot. Self teaches the "hot potato" concept to demonstrate how to move the ball quickly against a 2-3 zone.

Slash is Coach Self's answer to the 3-2 and the 1-3-1 zone defense. Slash is more intricate than Stationary, but just as easy to pick up for players and just as effective. In Slash, Coach Self uses three cutters to fill four open spots along the perimeter. Self utilizes primary and secondary cutters through the lane to create an element of surprise in the lane. He uses 5v5 demonstrations to teach his young team how to expose the weaknesses of a 2-3 zone.

Coach Self completes his zone offensive package by demonstrating the Kansas press offense you can use against a zone press. Your team will dissect your opponent's pressure defense by taking advantage of the middle of the court allowing you to score lay-up after layup in the open court.

This is a great DVD to add to your collection if you are looking for a zone offense that attacks your opponent's weaknesses and creates scoring opportunities around the rim.

94 minutes. 2014.

Open Practice: Defensive Drills & Concepts

with Bill Self, Kansas Head Coach;
2008 NCAA National Champions, 2012 NCAA Runner Up, 9x Big 12 Regular Season Champions (2005-2013), 2012 Naismith College Coach of the Year, John R Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2013); 500 Career Wins

Develop a dominating team defense by watching the valuable drills and skills taught in this live, on-court practice from one of America's premier programs, the Kansas Jayhawks. In this second week practice session, Bill Self runs his Kansas team through a real practice as they focus on defensive concepts. Coach Self takes you through the Kansas man to man defense as he builds from the half court to the full court with eight newcomers to the program. You will learn how install fundamental defensive principles that Kansas basis their program around..

Coach Self uses 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 to install hard working man to man philosophy. Using shell drill, he teaches his players how close out to the ball from help side position and one pass away. He demonstrates how to teach communication amongst your players as they move from pressuring the basketball to help side defense and back again.

Next he focuses on specific aspects of the half-court game, such as defending dribble handoffs. Big to big switches are a simple way he addresses this offensive threat. He also teaches the players how to defend this same action when a big and a little run a hand off. Guarding the "Pinch Post" action is another aspect covered in this section of the presentation.

If you are looking for ways to defend screening action, Coach Self provides a detailed segment on how Kansas defends post on post screen, down screen, and several ways to defend on ball screens including flat hedge, trap, and hard hedge. The samples seen in the practice are clear and the players are challenged to get it right.

Once you are through learning the Kansas half court defensive philosophy, Coach Self puts everything together into 5v5 full court session. Coach Self pulls together his full court defense as he demonstrates his transition defense and philosophy. Many of the concepts taught earlier in the presentation are seen, re-taught and stressed as the game goes live.

Coach Self's passion for defense and attention to detail are clear as you watch this practice. He breaks things down quite clearly and then works his guys until they get it right.

Learn the simple secret to playing dominating man-to-man defense with this incredible on-court presentation. With Bill Self's Jayhawk Defense, your teams will be prepared to pick your opponent's play apart and force tough outside shots.

59 minutes. 2014.

Open Practice: Skill Development & Practice Drills

with Bill Self, Kansas Head Coach;
2008 NCAA National Champions, 2012 NCAA Runner Up, 9x Big 12 Regular Season Champions (2005-2013), 2012 Naismith College Coach of the Year, John R Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2013); 500 Career Wins

Bill Self uses on court demonstrators from one of his practice sessions to give you 12 drills to improve your team's offensive development. With eight newcomers to the program, Coach Self has to teach his offensive system in detail and with easy to understand concepts that you can use to teach in your practices.

With almost two hours of practice drills that the Kansas Jayhawks use, you will be able to develop your team and your individual players into championship contenders. Each drill can be directly implemented into our practices, because they are simple, but effective and cover very important fundamentals that every team and players needs to improve on. The practice footage includes:

  • breakdown drill to defending the 1-4 high backdoor cut
  • baseline spot throw-ins under pressure
  • sideline throw-ins under pressure
  • Five line transition
  • Ball handling and passing
  • 5-minute shooting
  • individual skills for perimeter players
  • individual skills for post players
  • guards: attacking the basket and 3-on-3 play
  • post players: post moves and 2-on-2 play

From ball handling to passing to shooting, Coach Self works to build his players offensive skill through various competitions and drills. He uses post player and guard break out sessions for players to build their individual offensive moves. He has his guards go through pull up jumpers, L-cuts, curl cuts, and hard shrugs to get shots up within the Kansas offense.

As he finishes out his offensive development, Coach Self uses 3-on-3 attacking drills to teach driving angles and movement within the Kansas offensive system. Within the 3 on 3, he teaches how to use high-low entries to build guard post interaction within their offensive system.

This is a great DVD for any coach looking to build their players offensive development.

90 minutes. 2014.

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