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Bill Cartwright's Dominate the Paint! Post Drills

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Features & Benefits
  • Learn a post player workout that will strengthen your players footwork and ability to finish around the rim from 5x NBA Champion Bill Cartwright
  • Teach your players how to clear out their opponents in order to create space and attack the basket
  • Create scoring opportunities in the post with a strong, confident dribble
  • Learn to get open in the post when coming from the four most common areas of the floor

Mr. Cartwright is an excellent coach of post play and provides a very thorough, easy to understand explanation of post skills and drills.
Coach Bill Walton, Edward Little High School (ME)

with Bill Cartwright, Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach;
former NBA player with the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Seattle Supersonics; 5x NBA Championships (3x as a player, 2x as an assistant coach); NBA All-Star (1980); NBA All-Rookie First Team (1980); 2x All American at the University of San Francisco

Learn the moves and drills that are used by today's NBA centers in this valuable DVD featuring five time NBA champion, NBA All Star and first round draft pick Bill Cartwright. Cartwright, a 16 year NBA veteran, takes to the court to show you proven drills that will turn your front court into a force to be reckoned with.

This complete drill package is filled with drills that Cartwright used as a player and picked up from coaches such as Phil Jackson, Doug Collins and Red Holzman - and still uses today as a coach in the NBA. Whether you're new to the post or a veteran interested in continuing to improve, Coach Cartwright's drills cover the gambit of post play.

You will learn an extensive warm-up routine that will help your players with their finishing and footwork skills. See the workout plan that Cartwright uses with his NBA players to help make them dominate the post.

Teach your players to battle inside and claim the ball off the boards with a series of finishing drills that progress from 1-on-1 to 1-on-2 to 1-on-3.

Coach Cartwright wants his players to be strong if they have to take a dribble in the post, so he demonstrates a series of dribbling drills to help your post players develop a strong go-to dribble that will create scoring opportunities around the rim. In his Lopez Drill, your players will learn how to seal their man off with their legs and use a power dribble to score from any angle in the post. In his Claim the Ball Series, players must be able to clear out their opponents in order to take up space and attack the basket.

Cartwright outlines the four ways to get the ball into the post and demonstrates how to execute post moves off of these concepts. He finishes the workout with a full court 1-on-1 drill that teaches players to sprint up the floor to gain an offensive advantage in the post and make a quick move to score.

This 75-minute on-court demonstration can be used as a complete post player practice or you can break it into multiple drills to use as a progression throughout your season. With his vast knowledge of the game, Cartwright doesn't just show you drills, but he also adds tips and important little tidbits of information to make this a true learning experience. His drills develop skills in a competitive and physical environment, so your players not only acquire skills, but also toughen up for the battle in the paint.

Throughout the DVD, Cartwright stresses fundamentals, positioning, mental toughness, and being strong in the post. Utilizing these drills will give your players a much better understanding of scoring in the post, playing with a physical presence, utilizing multiple moves, and finishing at the rim.

74 minutes. 2012.

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Ratings & Reviews

Bill Cartwright's Dominate the Paint! Post Drills
on September 1, 2013
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by bigmal35

Very good video, if you looking for some warm up drills. Drills were only be good for 8th and higher

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Bill Cartwright's Dominate the Paint! Post Drills
on July 4, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by MattWheeler195

A great selection of competitive drills to help post players simulate game situations. I've used a few of the drills so far. I know I will come back to this multiple times. A great resource on post drills and post play.

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Bill Cartwright's Dominate the Paint! Post Drills
on May 17, 2013
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Wack

Good basic foundation to start from

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