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"Best of the Best" 2-Pack

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"Best-of-the-Best" Winning Hoops Series: Over 60 Plays To Attack Man-To-Man Defenses

A swarming, smothering man-to-man defense is a tough obstacle for any offense to overcome. And in today's game - with the increasingly complex defensive switching techniques and improved help-side defense calls - coaches need a wide variety of creative set plays that they can call upon for any offensive situation. Winning Hoops has pulled together the very best set plays to attack man-to-man defenses and put them all together on one jam-packed DVD. Presented in the unique Winning Hoops DVD series format, you'll see and hear a description of the play as it looks in diagram form before watching the play being run "live" on the court with real players.

Hand-picked by the Winning Hoops editors and submitted by some of the finest coaching minds at the professional, college and high school levels. You'll get man-to-man specials, man offenses, screen-the-screener plays, quick hitters, plays from a 1-4 high set, 3-point plays, plays from a 1-4 low set, lob plays, box-set plays, double-screens, last-second buzzer beaters and much, much more!

110 minutes. 2005.

"Best-of-the-Best" Winning Hoops Series: 25 Aggressive Transition & Conditioning Drills

A well-run full-court transition drill can be one of the most beneficial tools that a coach can have at his or her disposal. Winning Hoops has selected 25 of the very best transition drills to have ever appeared in the pages of the award-winning publication and put them all together on one "red-hot" DVD! You'll see and hear a description of the drill as it looks in diagram form before watching the drill being run "live" and on the court with real players.

You'll get 25 of the very best transition drills submitted by some of the finest coaching mind's in the game today. Each drill is multi-player, works multiple skills simultaneously and will be fun for your players to run - yet still challenging enough to keep them hustling and working hard during practices. You'll get fantastic transition drills such as the Outnumbered-Break Drill, the Defensive Transition Drill, the Carolina Fast-Break Drill, the Break-Identification Drill, the 4-on-4 Continuous Drill, the Full-Court Rebounding Drill, the 4-Ball Jack Ramsey Drill, the 5-Player-Weave-Into-Transition Drill and much, much more! These great transition drills are guaranteed to liven up your practices and improve the way your team gets up and down the floor!

85 minutes. 2005.

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"Best of the Best" 2-Pack

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