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  • Improve your Basketball coaching!
  • Learn from David Thorpe and FIVE STAR BASKETBALL!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with David Thorpe,
Pro Training Center's Executive Director,
and Udonis Haslem, Miami Heat (NBA) forward

This "Becoming a Champion" DVD features Five-Star coach David Thorpe and NBA forward Udonis Haslem showing you how to be creative with rebounding and improve with every practice. Rebounding instruction is divided into four areas: Developing Athletic Ability, Developing Great Hands, the Art of Tipping, and Boxing Out. Udonis Haslem demonstrates over 30 rebounding drills and Coach Thorpe discusses how every drill applies to game situations. Haslem, who was named to the NBA 2nd Team All-Rookie Team in '03-'04, breaks down the art of boxing-out and also shares 10 key drills that will help improve your boxing-out, offensive rebounding, and positioning. This is a great DVD to help any player take the next step toward becoming a "Champion" rebounder!

58 minutes. 2005.

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