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Basketball in the Fast Lane 3-Pack

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  • Turn all five of your players into scoring threats in this up-tempo scheme
  • Force your opponent to take quick shots and make poor decisions
  • Create an effective workout without a weight room

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Installing the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense

with Paul Hewitt,
George Mason University Head Coach;
former Georgia Tech Head Coach; 2004 NCAA Runner-Up

Coach Paul Hewitt is one of the brightest young coaches in college basketball today and does an excellent job of demonstrating an effective 4-out-1-in motion offense. Coach Hewitt details 10 drills he has used to implement and teach the effective 4-out 1-in motion offense. After sharing the advantages of running the 4-out 1-in, Hewitt demonstrates the proper positioning and spacing of all five players. He demonstrates his basic rules for the perimeter and post players through ten teaching drills and concludes with a look at scoring opportunities out of the 4-out-1-in. The teaching drills include drills for guards, forwards, combination drills, and live competitive drills. This motion offense can be used to attack man and zone defenses. This is a great offense for coaches who only have one legitimate post player and can be utilized at any level. In addition, Coach Hewitt provides you with his 21 essential components for good offense. Hewitt's 4-out-1-in is an effective motion offense that will help create excellent scoring opportunities!

68 minutes. 2004.

Jack Bennett: Championship "Gap" Man-to-Man and Sliding Zone Defense

with Jack Bennett,
former University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Head Coach,
Back-to-Back NCAA D-III NCAA Champions! ('04, '05)

Jack Bennett will run whatever defense is needed to win a basketball game; this philosophy has led his teams to back-to-back NCAA D-III Basketball Championships. In this DVD, Coach Bennett details his man-to-man "gap" defense and his two basic zone defenses. He reveals the four goals of his gap defense and shows how these goals are accomplished. Bennett teaches the proper positioning of players, how to help and recover, how to defense the post, how to double team, and provides drills to help develop this championship caliber defense. Coach Bennett slows the pace of a game with his 1-3-1 zone defense and is able to easily double team the post and cover the perimeter using his 3-2 sliding zone. When the post is doubled and the perimeter is blanketed, you have effectively controlled the offense. Coach Bennett outlines and demonstrates all of the necessities for running these tough zone defenses. These defenses are an absolute necessity for any coach who wants to make a championship run! Included is game footage that highlights how dominant these three defenses can be!

70 minutes. 2005.

Basketball in the Fast Lane

with Bo Kimble,
Shoreline Community College Volunteer Assistant coach;
All-American player at Loyola Marymount University, led the nation in scoring at 35.3 ppg in 1989-1990 at LMU; 1990 West Coast Conference player of the year; 8th overall draft pick in the 1990 NBA Draft

and Greg Turcott, Shoreline Community College Head Coach

Add an alternative offensive approach to your game plan that applies constant pressure on your opponent's defense.

Legendary Loyola Marymount star Bo Kimble made a name for himself as the centerpiece of the fastest-paced, highest scoring juggernaut in the NCAA while attending Loyola Marymount University. Now, Kimble, along with Shoreline Community College Head Coach Greg Turcott, carry on the Paul Westhead tradition with a high-flying fast break game that leaves opponents gasping for air and creates wide-open layup and three-point opportunities for your offense. Witness for yourself the nuances of this "organized chaos" and discover why it can be so successful--even more so in today's era.

Kimble and Turcott, install the offense for you in an easy to learn, step-by-step fashion, beginning with the alignment of the player positioning on the court, followed by explanations of the various options within the system as they pertain to each of the five players. You'll also get a series of break down drills that illustrate the options previously drawn in a whiteboard session. Drills progress from 3 v 0 to 5 v 2 action where the specific axioms required by the offense are discussed, demonstrated, and reinforced. With Coach Kimble on the whiteboard and Coach Turcott giving coaching points on the court, they combine to give a complete explanation of the system in an easily understood fashion.

This scheme is designed to wear down the opponent over time and to force them to play an uncommon style of basketball. Kimble diagrams each of the individual offensive options sequentially on a white board. Each player on the court is assigned a number and that number corresponds to a responsibility for the fast break. The numbering system helps players get to areas on the court, which helps create space for the fast break offense to be most effective. Players and numbers can be interchangeable; your personnel will determine where you feel certain players would best fit.

Following the whiteboard introduction, each option is shown live on court first using 5 v 0 cycle drills. These drills teach your team how to play fast by reinforcing the responsibilities and options of each player.

The coaches then put their team through breakdown, continuity and sequence drills.

  • The breakdown drills allow two to four players to focus on their options while quickly moving down court. This allows for more repetitions in their roles on the court.
  • The continuity drill runs the team through the cycle of plays with active defense to "train the eyes" for teammate recognition and open passing lanes up ahead.
  • The sequence breakdowns are optional passing sequences to beat adjusting defenses to the basic main plays. The drills covered are adaptable to individual workouts or full team situations.
Once believed to be a system for only elite level talent, Bo Kimble explains and breaks down each segment of the scheme and preaches that it can be even more successful for teams with a talent disadvantage. Kimble provides his expert knowledge on the commitment level and passion required to select such a fast-paced, up-tempo, fast break offense.

Sales of this video benefit Kimble's "Forty-Four for Life" foundation, dedicated to reducing cardiac arrest fatalities by placing defibrillators in public gathering places.

49 minutes. 2012.

Basketball in the Fast Lane - Pressure Defense

with Bo Kimble,
Shoreline Community College Volunteer Assistant coach;
All-American player at Loyola Marymount University, led the nation in scoring at 35.3 ppg in 1989-1990 at LMU; 1990 West Coast Conference player of the year; 8th overall draft pick in the 1990 NBA Draft

and Greg Turcott, Shoreline Community College Head Coach

Create havoc with your opponent in the full court and half court, and take opponents out of their offensive rhythm!

Bo Kimble, former Loyola Marymount All-American, brings you a pressure defensive system to compliment your fast break offense and control the tempo of any team you play. Coach Kimble diagrams how to use the 1-2-1-1 press to speed up the offense to the point of losing control. This defense uses the principles of taking away middle, pressuring the ball and playing the passing lane. Various traps and ball pressure force turnovers by taking the ball out of the ball handler's hands and forcing weaker ball handlers to handle the ball.

Coach Kimble diagrams the set up of the 1-2-1-1 press and shows you how to force the ball up the sidelines and into a suffocating half court trap. He diagrams how to use the 10 second count, half court lines and out of bound lines as secondary defenders to make your opponent feel pressured from every angle. Surprise your opponent when the ball crosses half court with a late trap that will disrupt their offensive system.

You'll also learn the "off press" where the defense sets up the same way, but takes the 4-man and has him off the ball forcing a double team as soon as the first pass is made. Kimble demonstrates how to force your opponent to create long plays that feed into the defensive system. Force your opponent to make decisions that they are not used to making!

Coach Kimble finishes his systematic approach with the Stay Press and the Free Throw Press. The Stay Press provides run-and-jump techniques to confuse opponents by delaying your trapping action. In his Free Throw Press, he teaches you how to pressure the rebounder from every angle forcing him to make an off balance pass and allowing you to run-and-jump for uncontested lay-ups.

The 1-2-1-1 full-court pressure defense Kimble demonstrates in this video helped Loyola Marymount force over 22 turnovers per game in the 1990 NCAA season. If you want to play basketball in the fast lane, this full-court pressure system will raise the tempo of the game to an extreme pace and simply wear out your opponents.

Sales of this video benefit Kimble's "Forty-Four for Life" foundation, dedicated to reducing cardiac arrest fatalities by placing defibrillators in public gathering places.


Basketball in the Fast Lane - Strength and Conditioning Drills

with Bo Kimble,
Shoreline Community College Volunteer Assistant coach;
All-American player at Loyola Marymount University, led the nation in scoring at 35.3 ppg in 1989-1990 at LMU; 1990 West Coast Conference player of the year; 8th overall draft pick in the 1990 NBA Draft

and Joe Cairo, Shoreline Community College Strength and Conditioning Coach

Turn your athletes into "high performance race cars" and run any opponent out of the gym!

In Part 3 of the Basketball in the Fast Lane series, Bo Kimble and Joe Cairo describe their functional training philosophy. Coach Cairo introduces BEAST TrainingTM (balance, endurance, agility, strength, and toughness), which consists of concepts taken directly from the Navy SEALs training regimen. BEAST TrainingTM integrates movements of the entire body instead of isolating one portion of the body at the time. You'll get great exercises that will condition your athletes from head to toe.

Cairo demonstrates each of the eight segments needed to train with BEAST TrainingTM. He starts with a great warm-up to help raise core temperature in the body and help stretch the muscles. Cairo uses various tennis ball drills and jump rope activities to help build coordination and effectively train your athletes.

The next step in BEAST TrainingTM features a dynamic stretching routine to help your athletes build balance into their game. Cairo shows a rigorous pushup series that will put your athletes' mental toughness to the test and can aid in building team chemistry.

You'll see how Shoreline athletes do the upper and lower body workouts on the court instead of in the weight room. This keeps the focus on the "go" and not the show and develops the speed and quickness needed to run the Basketball in the Fast Lane System.

Coach Cairo finishes his BEAST TrainingTM by demonstrating how to use body weight for resistance training, core exercise, and finishers to help solidify your athletic ability. Cairo shows you how to do all of your drills in the gym to help build basketball awareness within your athletes.

He takes you through a full court crab walk/bear crawl to improve focus at the end of the workout and build mental toughness to finish what was started. Coach also discusses proper nutrition and hydration to make sure your athletes are aware of what they put into their bodies. This ensures athletes are fully committed to their training and goal of becoming a quicker, more agile athlete.

If you want to help your athletes achieve their best, you have to help them get into great shape. This video is an essential tool for achieving peak performance at the right time of year and playing at peak intensity from tip to buzzer.

Sales of this video benefit Bo Kimble's "Forty-Four for Life" foundation, dedicated to reducing cardiac arrest fatalities by placing defibrillators in public gathering places.


Perimeter Development for the 4-Out1-In Motion Offense

with Jerome Allen,
University of Pennsylvania Head Coach;
former NBA player of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets; 2x Ivy League Player of the Year and all-time leader in steals and assists while playing at Penn

Build the right habits to dominate with Penn's Motion Offense. Penn head coach Jerome Allen details the 4-Out 1-In motion offense that his teams have used the past two years to help recapture the same success that he had as a player.

In this on-court presentation, Coach Allen demonstrates his "ABCD" concept to get all five players moving and demonstrates how to build the 4-out 1-in by taking you through their bread and butter build up drills. He uses 3-on-3 concepts to teach his players how to shoot off the catch, to dribble with a purpose, and to create proper spacing within the motion offense.

Coach Allen puts everything together and takes you through their motion offense in a 5-0 setting. He places restrictions on his players so that they learn how to properly cut, space, and play within their system. Allen demonstrates how to use a screen at the elbow, back screen, fade screen, or cut to the basket within their motion offense. He teaches that natural movement is the hardest to guard and it gives your guards the biggest offensive advantage against any defender.

You will learn the different actions and moves your guards can make to get them open or get their teammate open. Allen teaches the concept of "slow to accept a screen and fast to use a screen" to help his players get off a quicker shot or make their cuts quick and crisp. He also teaches the screener how to properly square their shoulders and keep a low center of gravity to set a great screen on any outstanding defender.

Coach Allen finishes his motion offense and offensive principles by demonstrating one of his favorite actions within their offensive system: 6-50 Action. This action creates a lot of movement on the weakside which will help keep the defense on their toes with a backdoor action leading into a hand off and ball screen. This action is great for any level of play and will help you improve your team's continuity and spacing within your offense.

The concepts viewed in this video will teach your players to become more instinctive on offense. Give your players the freedom to make plays, while maintaining the structure of the offensive set. Allowing your players to play freely breeds confidence within them and helps to develop a stronger player-coach relationship!

52 minutes. 2012.

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