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Barry Brodzinski Five-Star Shooting Series

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  • Improve your Basketball coaching!
  • Learn drills to improve your shooting with Five-Star Basketball Shooting Instructor Barry Brodzinski
  • Improve your Basketball coaching!
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50 Shooting Drills

with Barry Brodzinski,
Five-Star Basketball Shooting Instructor

"Shooting is hard work!"

In 20 years of experience as the shooting instructor at the legendary Five-Star Basketball Camps, Coach Barry Brodzinski has taught thousands of players. His experience indicates that even great players don't properly use shooting drills to elevate them to the next level. Likewise, coaches at times are limited in their experience to incorporate shooting drills into their practices so that players improve their shooting daily. By utilizing the drills on this DVD, players can easily take 500 shots in an hour workout and truly improve their shooting. Coaches can build these drills into the framework of their practice sessions. The first half of this DVD is dedicated to 25 Individual shooting drills. Warm-up shooting, shooting on the move, triangle shooting drill, post shooting drills, full court shooting, and the "Combo 24" free throw conditioning drill are highlights. Players who work out on their own must go at game speed, set "shots made" goals, and never leave the court without making the last shot.

The final 25 drills, coaches shooting drills, focus on Multi-player shooting drills; they are beneficial because they rely on good passing, teamwork, excellent communication, and hard work. Shooting drills such as "Beat the Ghost", Distraction drill, full court dribble shooting, corner shooting, shuffle shooting, and team partner shooting drills are creative and demanding. As players work on shooting technique and accuracy, they also improve their conditioning. Overall, these 50 fast-paced drills can be added into your individual or team workouts. With reinforcement of proper technique and a high degree of repetition, players will gain greater confidence, and success, as a shooter.

72 minutes. 2006.

Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: Creating Open Shots and Improving at the Line

with Barry Brodzinski,
Five-Star Basketball Shooting Instructor

Coach Brodzinski has worked with some of the best shooters in the country during his time as shooting instructor at 5-Star. His expertise is on display in this DVD. The art of shooting is viewed from five different angles; getting open, using screens, the jab series, dribble moves and free throws. Each of these represents areas that players must master to become scorers. Getting open is often difficult for most players. Using the V- and L-cuts shown here, players can use skill to get open to receive the ball. Next, Brodzinski demonstrates how to effectively use the down screen, back screen and ball screen. The third area involves creating space by using the Jab Step. Highlights are the Pro Step Jab, the quick shot move, the jab and cross opposite and the Space Maker Move. Using dribble moves is another way to create shots. The cross over, inside-out dribble and the spin move are described and demonstrated. Lastly, a big emphasis is put on foul shooting. To make it realistic, foul-shooting practice must be done under duress while tired. The Combo 24 foul shooting drill combines sprinting with foul shooting. Players learn to concentrate and make important foul shots while exhausted. This DVD will assist players in becoming the best offensive players they can be!

48 minutes. 2006.

Teaching Kids to Shoot: A Guide for Parents and Coaches

with Barry Brodzinski,
Five-Star Basketball Shooting Instructor

This straightforward, easy-to-follow approach to shooting will make an expert instructor out of every parent and coach. For 20 years, Coach Brodzinski has taught the fundamentals and mechanics of shooting at the world famous Five-Star Basketball Camps. With this vast experience and knowledge, Brodzinski outlines the key building blocks of the jump shot. Knowing the basics and having a passion for basketball are the essential elements for teaching any young athlete to shoot the basketball. Brodzinski demonstrates 10 key points to shooting that allow for a clear progression of fundamentals needed by all players. Use of easy-to-follow terminology will assist any parent or coach. Key tips on a shooter's "point of release" will increase a young player's confidence by allowing them to shoot according to their age and strength level, while maintaining proper technique. This presentation concludes with long sought answers to often asked questions by parents and coaches about the art of shooting instruction. In the driveway or in the gym, you can help any aspiring player gain needed skills and learn valuable fundamentals by becoming an informed "shooting teacher" for any young athlete!

50 minutes. 2006.

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Barry Brodzinski Five-Star Shooting Series

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