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  • Execute the Screen / Re-screen offensive system that details a screen the screen action for open layups and jump shots
  • Build a complete defensive mindset that involves defensive close-out technique, sideline/baseline emphasis, jumping to the ball, and help and recover responsibilities
  • Execute the Scarlet Knight Zone package
  • Break down segments of the offensive and defensive systems into 2-, 3-, and 4-man drills in order to isolate specific movements and teaching points critical to the overall scheme
with Mike Rice, former Rutgers University Head Coach;
former Robert Morris University Head Coach,
2008 NEC Jim Phelan Coach of the Year,
NABC District 3 Coach of the Year

Take a behind the scenes look at the high intensity, focused practice sessions at Rutgers. Head Coach Mike Rice brings intensity and energy to his practice sessions from start to finish. You get a front-row seat to watch how Coach Rice organizes his practices to create game-speed scenarios that you can incorporate into your program to push your players physically and mentally and better prepare them for game night.

Practice 1
Coach Rice starts his Rutgers season by creating an atmosphere of chaos. He builds defensive instinct right from day one. He focuses on close-outs while emphasizing sideline and baseline shading techniques to eliminate middle penetration.

Full court drills, such as "Circle the Wagons" and "4 on 4 on 4" place players in a full court, game-like setting. Rice then reverts back to a controlled half-court approach with drills such as "3 Around 1", to teach help awareness when the defense is has a small guard mismatched in the post.

Practice ends with various 2-on-2 drills to build the screen and re-screen action that is the basis for the Rutgers' offense. He instructs players to constantly screen, relocate, and screen again while never executing the same type of screen consecutively.

Practice 2
Help your players get comfortable playing at a chaotic pace!

The session opens with individual skill development, as guards and posts are split into stations to better focus on technique and fundamentals. Coach Rice has a great mix of offensive and defensive skill work during practice two. In Italian Drill, his players work on their up-tempo, attacking, hand-off motion offense that involves screening and re-screening the screener for open layups or jump shots.

Coach Rice spends time working 5-on-5 full court in order to prepare and construct their offensive and defensive schematics. He uses offensive and defensive shell work to teach his players how to handle a zone. He uses two different zone quick hitters: Stanford and Blitz to help his players create great scoring opportunities with a jump shot or a slip in the post. During the shell drill, Rice implements his 22 Press that leads into a zone defense in order to continue their chaotic style of play.

Practice shifts back to a defensive mind-set as Rice explains and teaches the team approach to help defense rotations when a teammate is beaten for a baseline drive. Shell scenarios also include how to defend the elbow screen and stagger screen, as Rice continues to build the technique and philosophy that the team will use to counter the opposition's varied attacks throughout the season.

Practice 3
Rice focuses on actions within the motion offense during his Feed the Post Dribble Hand Off Drill. The post player and dribble handoffs are a vital part of their offensive system. He breaks down their offensive screening action in 3-on-3 breakdown. He gives his players a short amount of time to score or get a stop to keep a theme of chaos spread throughout the entire practice.

In game to 7, Coach Rice stresses the importance of the screening action. He wants his players to create an attacking mentality within the offense and be strong with the ball while learning how to play within their offensive system. Coach Rice will teach you a great re-screen offense when he demonstrates Re-Screen Breakbacks. Coach teaches his players different entries that will flow right into their primary motion screening offense.

Coach Rice finishes his third day of practice with a great 5-on-5 scrimmage using both man and zone defense. He has his players develop a sense of "Big East style of play" as they sprint up and down the floor creating chaos in everything they do.

Learn a chaotic style of offensive and defensive play that will force your opponents to play outside of their comfort zone.

441 minutes (3 DVDs). 2012.

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All Access Rutgers Basketball Practice with Mike Rice
on December 19, 2012
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4/5 Stars

by MichaelHogg433

Learn how to create chaos. I love the up tempo style of play from Mike Rice. If you want to get an inside look on how to create battle harden players before they even step foot on the court, this is how.

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