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  • Unprecedented inside look into practice with Basketball Hall of Fame coach, Jim Calhoun
  • Behind-the-scenes look at beginning of season practice planning
  • Basketball drills for all aspects of practice including shooting, conditioning, full and half court drills
with Jim Calhoun,
2011 NCAA Championship Coach - only the fifth coach to win three NCAA titles (2011, 2004 & 1999);
member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (Class of 2005);
17 Big East Championships (10 regular season 7 tournament titles); over 850 career victories

Join Jim Calhoun in an unprecedented behind-the-scenes basketball practice experience. Coach Calhoun shares his on-floor brilliance as he takes his team through its intial practices of the season. He highlights 13 aspects of practice through drills and team play. These components include offense, defense, transition, rebounding, skill work, fundamentals, shooting, screening, post moves, zone offense, 3-on-3, 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 competitive play. The whole-part-whole teaching method is on display as Calhoun breaks down all elements of his offensive and defensive system. You will see how he mixes full- and half-court drills to begin building his team's identity. Calhoun includes 33 half- and full-court drills that covers his system from A to Z. You will see the purpose of drills and how each fits into the big picture. Conditioning, free throws and extensive position-specific skill development are added between team play and drill segments. The drills and team play are applicable to your team as you build your own system and style of play. Experience what makes Jim Calhoun one of the best coaches in the history of the game. This is like no other basketball video! It will change the way you practice and begin your season.

3 DVDs (360 minutes). 2009.

All Access videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how successful coaches run their practices in a "live" practice setting. All Access videos allow viewers to see the practices un-edited and in real-time. You will see how top coaches run their drills, interact with their team and staff, how they motivate their team, the cue words they use, the atmosphere of the practice and how practices are structured from day to day. Many coaches visit successful colleges and high schools to watch practice. But if you live out of state or out of the country, visiting another coach's gym can be costly. That's why we created the All Access Practice Series of videos -- to bring the practices to you!

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Ratings & Reviews

All Access Practice with Jim Calhoun
on October 10, 2016
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Excellent video to learn fast break offense. Very good rebounding drills. Very good demonstration of ballscreen defense. You will see UCONN practice with a purpose and you will definitely learn some basketball and philosophy from Coach Calhoun.

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All Access Practice with Jim Calhoun
on November 15, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Like most all-access dvds, you get your money's worth, which is why I give it a 5. What I like most is his Transition concepts. He begins season with his Primary break and Secondary break, and you see how he gets his players down the floor. His players focus on other tendencies, like splitting the post, through 3 v 0 transition, 3 v 3, etc. Watching these concepts will provide ideas for your own fast break.

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