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Alan Stein's Active Warm-up and Core Training for Basketball Players

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with Alan Stein,
owner of Stronger Team;
Head Strength & Conditioning coach for the nationally renowned, Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program;
former Montrose Christian (MD) High School Strength & Conditioning coach;
has worked with elite high school, college, and NBA players.

Alan Stein has dedicated his career to developing and improving basketball players on a year-round basis. This DVD provides coaches with a plan to do the same. The warm-up process is an extremely important yet often neglected part of preparation for basketball players. The goal of a warm-up is to make the muscles more elastic and get the joints of the body ready to play. In addition to physical preparation, this warm-up prepares players mentally as well. Each warm-up drill incorporates the movements used in basketball and creates consistency prior to each workout, practice and game. Once players are warmed-up, it is time to improve their flexibility. Dynamic flexibility movements increase the range of motion in the Achilles, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and lower back. For coaches that work with limited space, Coach Stein introduces several stationary warm-up options. The core is the center of all movement and plays a large role in a player's ability to move quickly and jump higher. Stein has developed an innovative core routine that requires nothing more than a basketball. These drills include static holds in a plank position to improve lower back strength, crunch-type movements for the abs, twisting motions for the obliques, as well as a push-up variation for the chest and shoulders. By using Stein's program, players will increase flexibility, core strength and confidence. Build a championship program by following the teaching of Alan Stein today!

35 minutes. 2006.

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