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4-Out 1-In Attack and React 3-Pack

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Features & Benefits
  • Get an updated version of the Attack & React offense that simplifies players' understanding of how to react
  • Discover how to use the Attack & React Offense to take on any zone defense using the use the dribble, ball screen, dribble at, and more
  • Learn perimeter and post player drills for creating an attacking mentality in the half court
4-Out 1-In Attack & React Motion Offense, Volume 24-Out 1-In Attack & React Motion Offense, Volume 2
with Andrew Grantz, Creator of the Attack & React Offense;
Our Lady of Providence (IN) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach;
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

Andrew Grantz returns to Championship Productions to reveal his new and improved "Attack & React" system. Primarily based on the dribble drive concept, Coach Grantz expands and simplifies the system by changing the alignment, spacing aspects and driving line, while also revising various screening angles, cut-types, and other components in order to apply even more pressure to the defense.

No longer is this offense restricted to varsity caliber teams. With simple foundational phases, coaches can focus on skill development within the offense. Players begin by mastering the first five, lower-level phases so by the time they reach varsity-level play, they can readily adjust to the elements of the other 13 phases.

Using whiteboard diagrams and 5-on-5 demonstrations, Grantz lays out the 18 phases that comprise his system. He starts by reintroducing the foundational phases of the Attack & React Offense, but this time going into greater detail.

Coach Grantz uses four cut spots to create better decision-making habits and to maintain NBA spacing for creating even better attacking lanes. He also moved the driving line, allowing for more back-door opportunities.

Expand your understanding of the Attack & React offense with these new, easy-to-implement techniques.

"I think this offense is great because teams can keep the same base offense every year but change the additional phases to fit their players strengths and weaknesses. It allows for great player development because the offense is broken down into simple teaching phases." - Andrew Grantz

188 minutes (2 DVDs). 2013.

4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Transition and Zone Offense4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Transition and Zone Offense
with Andrew Grantz, Creator of the Attack & React Offense;
Our Lady of Providence (IN) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach;
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

Attack & React creator Andrew Grantz provides a detailed look at how you can use his unique system in transition and against a zone defense. Coach Grantz uses on-court demonstrations to guide viewers through transition offense, press break, zone offense, and offensive rebounding situations.

When flowing from the Attack & React Offense to a transition offense, players don't follow a set pattern, rather they fall into five positions that any player can fill to create a scoring opportunity. Coach Grantz shows how to use the offense as a secondary break so you don't have to put in more plays for your team to remember.

As part of his instruction, Grantz shows how to implement a delay game that applies the same offensive principles as the Attack & React Offense. Also, your players will learn to create offensive rebounding opportunities using two simple rules.

Since most defenses play zone to slow the Attack & React Offense, your offense can be disrupted. Not anymore! Coach Grantz teaches how to use the Attack & React Offense against both a 2-3 zone and a 1-3-1 zone defense. You'll learn how to effectively attack gaps within the zone and look for pitch outs and open shots. Coach Grantz demonstrates how to use the dribble, ball screen, dribble at, and shuffle cut within the Attack & React Offense.

He demonstrates how to take away the defense's ability to constantly overplay by using the back door cut. Your opponents will quickly come to respect your players' ability to attack the rim using the back door cut.

Regardless of the zone defense your opponent uses, Coach Grantz has techniques to counter it, leaving your team with scoring opportunities and your opponent frustrated and perplexed.

Order now and change your Attack & React Offense into a complete arsenal of offensive tools.

61 minutes. 2013.

4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills
with Andrew Grantz, Creator of the Attack & React Offense;
Our Lady of Providence (IN) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach;
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

After taking the basketball scene by storm with his Attack & React Offense, Andrew Grantz now provides a way for you to create breakdown drills for each phase of his highly touted and successful system.

Perimeter-based drills focus on fundamentals like footwork, ball handling, shooting, and passing. For post players, the drills train their ability to finish high and strong around the rim while utilizing individual moves such as the power dribble, jump hooks and up-and-unders. Your players will develop an attacking mentality by passing quicker, shooting with confidence, and handling the basketball against any type of defense.

Coach Grantz merges all of the attacking skill development into the five basic phases of his offensive system. He provides insight into each drill as players demonstrate the various reads and learn the various reactions required to successfully execute the offensive system as a whole. The five phases include:

  • Phase 1 - Breakdown Drills. Develop the habits needed to run the offense effectively. These drills work on the 4-out-actions but also can be used to reinforce the fundamentals covered earlier in the video.
  • Phase 2 - Pass and Cut. Players learn to read the defender and decide if they should cut backdoor.
  • Phase 3 - Post Entry Drills. Features three versions of the Laker cut.
  • Phase 4 - Baseline Drive (C Gap). Works on baseline penetration and a lob pass at rim to the post player or drift to opposite wing.
  • Phase 5 - Backdoor. Teaches players to recognize opportunities to make backdoor cuts when the defense plays too high in the passing lanes.
Coach Grantz does an excellent job demonstrating and teaching players how to play the game and read off of one another as they pass, cut, fill, and look to create scoring opportunities in the half court.

Enhance your players' ability to attack the rim with Coach Grantz's drills for the highly effective attacker.

105 minutes. 2013.

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Ratings & Reviews

4-Out 1-In Attack and React 3-Pack
on December 21, 2015
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by Anonymous

With enough time, this offense has the potential to be really really good, but for newer coaches or programs with a win now mentality i see this taking to long to implement.

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4-Out 1-In Attack and React 3-Pack
on March 30, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

I couldn't have purchased a better set as I was between Dribble Drive and Read and React. Both had some things I liked and disliked. Coach Grantz's Attack and React Motion is the perfect fit for any team. As I researched and purchased it there was no better offense so adapt to morphing to what you would like. A 4 out, 5 out and with some thought a 3 out!

I am going into my 16th year coaching Varsity at one school and several years nationally ranked. I was looking for a system to get away from set plays and motion offenses that had rules. If you didn't follow these rules you had to reset and that is not fitting as well as it use to as basketball has changed with true positions not existing as much.

Coach Grantz has changed a few philosophies of his Attack and React to improve it and as the first video was $79.99 and limited. This set is a must, use the offense as your main set or to compliment it. The great thing is that it is a combination of Dribble Drive and Read and React. You can put in what suits your teams strengths in the 16 phases plus zone plays.

If you don't have strong dribblers not problem, no strong passers no problem. You can put in based on what you have and can do!

As Bob Knight says " The shooters shoot, the passers pass and everybody plays defense."

The Drills are not only stressing fundamentals lacking today but also sets that can be used to fine tune the offense. You will see some drills you know and some with a new twist. You will take more out of the drills video than you will not.

Where I am at the feeder schools have football coaches as the basketball coach. I live in football country. You can teach the base of this where the team and coach can grasp the base philosophies and drills easier than any other offense.

Overall just a great set and I highly recommend it!

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