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35 Drills for Developing Ball Skills

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with Dave Thorson,
DeLaSalle (MN) HS;
3X Minnesota State Champions

Focusing on skill development has become a huge part of Coach Thorson's coaching philosophy. Ball handling is the first part of this improvement program. Stationary two-ball drills allow the player to feel and correct the difference in strength between hands. Moving two-ball drills help players advance their skills quickly. Being explosive is the key to lay-in drills and helps the player learn four finishes at the rim. Offensive moves depend on the catch and sweep technique. The 5 and 5 drill includes two players, with one player executing the skill five times in a row. A passing technique, the punch, is taught and is demanded in all drills. Next is a post feed drill, requiring players to fake, cover ground and post feed. On the shot fake, Thorson teaches "ball up, body down." Catch and stick is the next 5 and 5 drill and works on elbow shooting. In two man groups, Thorson shares the partner pass drill and the Euro Cut. Sinking to the level of the ball is taught to ensure the ball handler has many passing options. This is illustrated in the rip-through series. Other drills include the two-chair dribble series, the skate series, double moves and shooting drills. Skills in this DVD can be used to improve player skills with and without the coach present.

67 minutes. 2008.

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35 Drills for Developing Ball Skills
on August 4, 2009
by Anonymous

This is best individual teaching dvd I have ever seen. It outlines the teaching points in a way that has been easy to coach my own players. Ive seen immediate results.

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