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San Diego St. Baseball 4-Pack

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  • Lock down the middle of the field
  • Give your pitchers confidence by blocking poor pitches
  • Learn infield practice drills you can use every day
  • 35 baseball-specific exercises to build strength and reduce injury
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Pitcher Fielding Perfection: The Fifth Infielder

with Eric Valenzuela,
San Diego St. University Pitching Coach

In this on-field presentation, Eric Valenzuela shares the philosophy and drills used to develop a solid fielding pitching staff. He breaks down each area of pitcher defense sharing his philosophy and the importance of pitchers fielding perfection.

The drill progression begins with PFP Catch. This warm-up stretches and trains the arm to make game-like throws (pick-offs, throw to the bases, bunt coverage, etc.).

The drill sequence continues with:

  • Comebackers - Get detailed instruction on fielding and throwing balls hit to the left and right of the mound.
  • Covering First Base - Learn the proper footwork to field the under hand toss or the over hand throw from the first baseman and what to look for after the play is made.
  • Bunt coverage - Learn how to read the speed and location of the bunt, which will help your pitcher make the best decision on how to play the bunt.
  • Pass balls - See how to help the catcher get to the ball, how to cover the plate and getting the tag down.
  • Covering first base on a double play and more!

Coach Valenzuela finishes with a break down of pick off moves for the right and left handed pitcher. Learn the key to making an early pick effective, learn to avoid a balk, and how to stall the running game.

Finally, Coach Valenzuela discusses how your pitchers can conceal their pitches and minimize glove and elbow movement that might tip your pitch.

Improve your defense this season by locking down your middle infield and creating more rally killing outs with effective fielding and pick off techniques!

73 minutes. 2011.

Drills and Fundamentals for Creating Championship Catchers

with Mark Viramontes,
San Diego St. University Assistant Coach/Catchers

Mark Viramontes guides you through the drills he uses to develop the catchers at San Diego State University. He breaks down catching skills into four areas: Catching, receiving, blocking, and throwing.

Coach Viramontes teaches and demonstrates essential mechanics for the primary and secondary stances, showing how to maintain good balance and give your pitcher a good visual. He then has the catchers demonstrate drills to improve the catcher's body position and hand/eye coordination.

In blocking, Viramontes explains and demonstrates effective body positioning for keeping the ball in front of your catchers. His drills focus on creating a wide base to block the ball, attacking the ball to reduce the "bounce factor" and much more.

Throwing is broken into two parts - the exchange and footwork. Viramontes offers a technique progression for creating a quick, clean glove/hand exchange and throw. Footwork drills develop a drop step and pop up into proper throwing position. He also shares a knee technique that will give your catchers extra momentum on the throw.

Learn the importance of knowing how to handle the pitchers by setting up the pitch locations and targets in the zone. Get tips and ideas on how to make your catcher an "on-the-field" pitching coach.

This comprehensive DVD will provide you with the tools you need to coach your catchers and improve one of their performance in most critical positions in baseball.

62 minutes. 2011.

15 Ball Handling Drills for Infielders

with Mark Martinez,
San Diego St. University Associate Head Baseball Coach

Mark Martinez explains and demonstrates fundamental baseball drills that will allow your players to handle the ball numerous times in practice and develop the mechanics they need to field every ground ball.

Coach Martinez's ball handling drills cover three areas:

Fielding Warm-up
Martinez shows three ball handling drills, each with multiple variations, that will prepare your players' feet, hands, and arms for practice. These drills simulate game situations to develop reaction time, throwing on the run, getting the glove ready to catch and catching in rhythm.

These drills develop mechanics for back hands, short hops and bare hand plays. Get your players comfortable with catching the ball with a ready glove and creating a smooth transfer to make the strong accurate throw.

1st Basemen
Martinez demonstrates three drills specifically for first basemen that work on short hops to glove side and the back hand, jumping skills on high throws, throws down the line and turning double plays.

Watch all of the drills come together in Martinez's routine group ball session. Order now to put your team on the fast track to sound fundamental infield play.

44 minutes. 2011.

35 Exercises for Building Baseball Strength

with Jon Francis,
San Diego State University Director of Strength & Conditioning

Jon Francis' develops each of his student-athletes with a sport-specific and scientifically based training program to reach his full athletic potential. In this DVD, Francis shows the drills and training methods he uses at San Diego State to build strength and reduce injury for baseball.

His program builds self discipline and mental toughness in each athlete through a structured and organized strength and conditioning program.

Francis coaches demonstrators through strength building exercises in four areas of focus:

  • Warm-up & Mobility - Executes a combination of deep tissues massage exercises with a ball and mobility exercises to prepare your athletes for a lower body workout.
  • Lower Body Training - Learn the proper technique for squatting, hip thrusts, Russian leans and more.
  • Upper Body Shoulder Pre-Habilitation Training - Includes three workouts you can use to warm-up your athletes for upper body strength training.
  • Upper Body Press and Pull Training - Improve efficiency in your weight room by using these upper body strength exercises that simultaneously work the core. Includes dumbbell exercises, bench planks, inverted rows and more.

Gain a competitive advantage in the weight room this season using these excellent exercises!

50 minutes. 2011.

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San Diego St. Baseball 4-Pack

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