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Features & Benefits
  • Improve your Baseball coaching!
  • Learn to attack the baseball no matter where it's pitched
Cage RatCage Rat
with Kevin Long, New York Mets Hitting Coach;
former Hitting Coach for the 2009 World Champion New York Yankees;
and Glen Waggoner, founding editor of ESPN The Magazine

From Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long-the man who coaches all-stars like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Robinson Cano-comes this indispensable guide to hitting, full of practical advice, behind-the-scenes baseball action, and an enduring, inspiring love for America's national pastime

In Cage Rat, Long draws on more than 20 years of experience playing and coaching professional baseball to demonstrate to readers the techniques, practices, and habits of great hitting. From bat angle to grip, and from plate coverage to athletic stance and hitting drills, Long takes us into the Yankees' batting cage, where he shows us how major-league players hone their hitting and refine their skills.

Not just a practical guide to hitting, Cage Rat is also a dynamic, engaging, and moving portrait of a man realizing his goals. From his early days in the minor leagues to his major league dreams of playing with the Kansas City Royals, from the dramatic decision to turn to coaching to the fateful call from the New York Yankees, Kevin Long's story is a quintessentially American narrative that celebrates hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

Chock-full of practical advice, behind-the-scenes action, instructional photographs, and inspirational stories, Cage Rat is a must-read for aspiring players, Yankees fans, and anyone who loves baseball.

198 pages. 2011.

Kevin Long & Alex Rodriguez Pro Hitter's WorkoutKevin Long & Alex Rodriguez Pro Hitter's Workout
with Kevin Long, New York Mets Hitting Coach;
former Hitting Coach for the 2009 World Champion New York Yankees;
featuring Alex Rodriguez;
3x American League MVP;
10x Silver Slugger Award Winner,
4x Hank Aaron Award Winner

Now you can perform the same hitting techniques, strategies and drills that Alex Rodriguez uses every day!

In this sensational DVD from Championship Productions, former New York Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long reveals techniques and strategies for becoming a successful hitter.

Coach Long covers six keys to becoming a great hitter:

  • Grip - Find the best grip to stay loose and increase bat speed.
  • Stance - Stay flexible to maximize the power in the lower half of your body.
  • Plate coverage - Use your best swing regardless of pitch location.
  • Load - How to put yourself in a stronger hitting position for each swing.
  • Knee drive - Learn how to level your swing and generate power.
  • Hip torque - Increase your bat speed using your hips.

Watch as Coach Long takes A-Rod through a batting workout to fine tune hitting mechanics with soft toss and tee drills using a short and regular bat. These drills focus on balance and staying tight to your core to get your bat through the hitting zone quicker.

In addition, Long and A-Rod sit down and discuss the key techniques from a hitter's perspective. This section includes strategies to develop the best swing possible; scouting the opposing pitcher; guessing on pitches; batting practice for success; and off-season work.

What makes this DVD unique is that you can see how these drills are used at the Major League level and how they can be adjusted to work at any level: youth, high school, collegiate and professional.

Long goes through a number of errors that are common among younger hitters - and how you can correct them. Among the problem areas covered are: Stride in - where the batter's hips won't get through the swing; Stride Open - which mostly occurs left handed batters; flexed front side; turning in - creates long bat path; and leaning forward.

Long closes with a Coach's Q&A session. He covers a number of topics including: Absolutes of hitting, strategies for left- vs right-hand pitchers, scouting reports, two-strike approach, hitting when you're ahead in the count, identifying pitches, getting over the fear of being hit by a pitch, and more.

This is the workout that helped A-Rod to one of his best statistical seasons as a pro in 2007. Get help with your swing from one of the top hitting instructors in the world!

106 minutes. 2010.

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