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  • World renowned speakers!
  • 13 hours of volleyball instruction!
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  • Watch the sessions over and over to better absorb every last detail!
  • No travel, hotel & food expenses!
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Normal Clinic Costs:
  • Clinic Fee = $100+
  • Travel = $100+
  • Hotel = $100+ / night
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  • Sub Teacher = $100+ / day
  • Total Cost = $500+ You Save Over $350!
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2012 Online Volleyball Clinic
  1. Levels of the Game: the Journey to Extraordinary Coaching (Terry Pettit)
  2. Concepts for Building Competitiveness in Your Practice (Shelton Collier)
  3. Taking the Subjectivity out of Tryouts (Joan Powell)
  4. Leveraging Talents and Skills (Terry Pettit)
  5. Find the Problem and Fix it! Determining Where Your Time is Best Spent (Chris Lamb)
  6. Coaching to Win! Game Management Through Planning, Preparation, and Crunch Time Decision Making! (Shelton Collier)
  7. Getting Parents in Your Corner (Joan Powell)
  8. Team Defense & Tactical Blocking Adjustments (Shelton Collier)
  9. No Standing Allowed! Making Quality Training Time for your Setters! (Chris Lamb)
  10. "Just What are Those Refs Calling?!" (Joan Powell)
  11. Serve, Set, Pass, & Attack: Drills for Essential Skills (Christy Johnson-Lynch)
  12. Better Offense: Finding Comfort in Discomfort (Chris Lamb)
  13. Favorite Practice Drills (Tom Keating)
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  • Currently 5.00/5 Stars.
5.00/5 Stars (1 Review)
2011 Online Volleyball Clinic
  1. Game Analysis and Match Management Thru Video (John Cook)
  2. Developing a Culture of Competitiveness (Kevin Hambly)
  3. 20 Keys to a Great Team Defense (Cecile Reynaud)
  4. Planning and Designing a Championship Practice (John Cook)
  5. Winning Solutions for Serve Receive Challenges (Kevin Hambly)
  6. Successful Setting 1: Focusing on the "u" in Communication (Cathy Noth)
  7. Offensive Systems and Player Selection (Cecile Reynaud)
  8. Successful Setting 2: How to Train and See Results (Cathy Noth)
  9. Drills to Challenge Your Players (Cecile Reynaud)
  10. Arm Swing Progressions: From Mechanical Basics to In-Game Hitting and Attacking (Kevin Hambly)
  11. Transition Drills and Strategies (Christy Johnson-Lynch)
  12. Successful Setting 3: Getting Out of the Pocket: Different Ways to Challenge Your Setter (Cathy Noth)
  13. Small Court Games (Kalani Mahi)
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  • Currently 5.00/5 Stars.
5.00/5 Stars (1 Review)
2010 Online Volleyball Clinic
  1. Developing Leadership Skills in Female Teams (Kathy DeBoer)
  2. 15 Ways to Maximize Your Libero (Todd Dagenais)
  3. Match-ups and Game Management (Todd Dagenais)
  4. Building Belief: Creating a Winning Mindset with Your Team (Christy Johnson-Lynch)
  5. Statistics: Simple and Essential (Kathy DeBoer)
  6. Creative Design Practices (Teri Clemens)
  7. Winners and Whiners (Teri Clemens)
  8. Defensive Training for Height-Challenged Teams (Phil McDaniel)
    On-Court Presentation!
  9. Training the Setter (Teri Clemens)
    On-Court Presentation!
  10. Brain Games for Better Play (Jeff Meeker)
    On-Court Presentation!
  11. Rapid Fire Favorites: Cyclone Practice Drills (Christy Johnson-Lynch)
    On-Court Presentation!
  12. Serve Receive Training (Todd Dagenais)
    On-Court Presentation!
  13. Integrating Fun into Competitive Drills (Bobbi Petersen)
    On-Court Presentation!
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"The clinic was outstanding. I received good, practical information that I can use immediately in my practices."

- Kim H. (2010 Iowa Volleyball Clinic Attendee)