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The Nike Coach of the Year Football Clinic

2011 Nike Coach of the Year Football Clinic
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Robb Akey (Idaho) - 4-3 Pressure Package (Preview)
Coach Akey takes you through his base blitz package in their 4-3 defensive scheme. He starts with the general positioning and terminology and gets into the base blitz package in man coverage. He breaks down each position's responsibilities in each call involving run game pressure and pass pressure out of various offensive sets.

Bill Blankenship (Tulsa) - Special Teams: Part 1 (Preview)
Coach Blankenship covers punt and kickoff coverage, the kickoff return and the punt block or return (PBR). He covers many facets of each are including getting the right personnel on the field, proper alignment, the get off, the speed zone, snap keys and more. He also uses video clips to show some of the drills he uses in special teams training.

Bill Blankenship (Tulsa) - Special Teams: Part 2 (Preview)
Coach Blankenship continues with a look into his Special Teams units at Tulsa, adding more to the punt and kickoff coverage, the kickoff return and the punt block or return. He includes video clips from practice and games and finishes with a Q&A session covering specific special teams questions and coaching philosophy.

Mack Brown - Inside Texas Football (Preview)
Mack Brown passes along his philosophies on building and sustaining a championship caliber program. Through stories and personal experiences, Coach Brown discusses how to evaluate your program and maintain a high level of play.

Jimbo Fisher - The FSU Offense (Preview)
Jimbo Fisher gives you a detailed look at two universal pass plays he feels every coach needs. These plays are effective against cover 1, cover 3 or cover 4; in any down or distance; are easy to learn; and can easily be expanded upon). The set includes a WR and TE on one side and one back and two WR on the other.

James Franklin (Vanderbilt) - Developing the Quarterback the Commodore Way (Preview)
Coach Franklin dissects the quarterback position, describing how to develop a championship-caliber QB. He details everything from physical and mental attributes to how to read a defense and everyday QB drills.

Todd Graham (Pittsburgh) - Defensive Tactics and Playing with Passion (Preview)
In this presentation coach Graham explains how he gets the most out of his players, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He describes how he gets his players to make the best decisions on the field and off the field. He then moves on to some defensive concepts and formations which he utilizes.

Todd Graham (Pittsburgh) - Building a Championship Program with Definite Philosophies (Preview)
See the coaching philosophies and characteristics that Coach Graham will use to form the foundation to the PITT program. He also includes his parameters or guideline for his offense, defense and special teams.

Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State) - Using Screens, Tempo and the Option to Help Your Offense (Preview)
Two of the keys to Coach Gundy's offensive success at Oklahoma State are the use of screens and the option. He shares video examples of these plays and discusses how to run them and some of the adjustments they have made to improve them over the past few years.

Jim Heacock (Ohio State) - Defensive Game Week Preparation (Preivew)
Coach Heacock demonstrates how his defense prepares for Saturdays game, focusing on the week preceding it. He describes how he blocks his practices and why they do some of the different drills to improve their players. He ends with a rundown of their Thursday practice routine, concluding with the final processes he takes his players through on game day.

Jim Heacock (Ohio State) - Defending the Spread Offense (Preview)
Coach Heacock shows how he breaks down an opponent's offense, and how he combines that with basic concepts the Buckeye defense employs to stop the spread offense. He describes the 70 Defense they play and its various adjustments for the spread, as well as some key defensive drills to run in practice.

Lane Kiffin (USC) - Team Philosophy and 3 step passing routes and match-ups (Preview)
Lane Kiffin goes over the USC team philosophy and teaches the audience about the USC quick passing game and route match-ups. He includes the audibles they use and why and when to call them, the passing tree and what the correct reads are for the quarterback and wide receiver.

Steve Kragthorpe (LSU) - Misdirection Play-Action Passing (Preview)
Coach Kragthorpe shares his misdirection Play-Action passing game, and how he puts the ball in the hands of his playmakers in a variety of ways. He covers various formation and QB reads in his naked series, sail series, 9 Bob naked, and Naked stay, and illustrates the actions with film breakdown.

Noel Mazzone (ASU) - Zone Read System (Preview)
Coach Mazzone uses power point diagrams as well as film examples to show their base Zone Read Offensive system. He covers reads for run plays, passing game, and the quick game or screen packages.

Bronco Mendenhall - Building a Program and BYU 3-4 Defense (Preview)
Bronco Mendenhall explains the reasoning behind the BYU belief and goes into the BYU defensive philosophy. Breaking it down into three basic concepts; Base Zone, Zone Blitz, and Max Coverage. After he explains the concepts he provides game film to back up each concept.

Les Miles - LSU Attitude and Aggressive Special Teams (Preview)
Coach Miles breaks down the kick off team and punt return team for the Tigers. Giving the audience insight on their goals and philosophy for each unit. Miles includes drills to simulate game situations, and game film on LSU special teams in action.

Will Muschamp (Florida) - Middle Field Coverage (Preview)
Coach Muschamp takes you through his teaching philosophy and drills for Middle of the Field Coverage with his secondary. Using a power point and film break down, Muschamp shares some of his base DB/Secondary drill work for covering receivers in regards to position, footwork, reads, leverage and release.

Gary Patterson (TCU) - Building a Defense with the 4-2-5 (Preview)
Fresh off an undefeated season and Rose Bowl win, Coach Patterson shares his thoughts on what has helped the TCU Horned Frogs lead the nation in defense three out of the last five years. He discusses his 4-2-5 defense, showing alignment, technique and personnel through video samples.

Joker Phillips (Kentucky) - "Operation:Win" Philosophy (Preview)
Coach Phillips' Operation Win philosophy centers on making his players better men – on and off the field. He describes Kentucky's family atmosphere before jumping into Kentucky's reasons for running screens and draws. He presents different drills and relates them to game footage showing quick screens, middle screens, bang screens, slow screens and double screens.

Gary Pinkel (Missouri) - Core Vaules for a Championship Program (Preview)
Coach Pinkel outlines the core values that helped the Missouri program reach new heights. He goes into great detail about how he changed the mindset of his players and a program. Every leader of any program or sport will benefit from watching this video.

Paul Rhoads (Iowa State) - The Success of the Cyclones' Defense & Linebacker Play (Preview)
Coach Rhoads teams at Iowa State are built around three Foundation Blocks — Smart, Accountable and Trust. He takes you through his five phases of the play, then, using overhead diagrams and video clips, Rhoads shares the fundamentals and the drills used to teach linebacker play. He covers various bag drills, change of direction box drill, defeating blocks, tackling, and much more.

Steve Sarkisian - The Washington Offense (Preview)
Coach Sarkisian is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to quarterback development and philosophy. He played the position, both collegiately and professionally, and was tutored by LaVell Edwards, Norm Chow and Norv Turner. He has coached great quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer, Matt Leinert and Mark Sanchez. Heteaches four passing concepts; stick, post, drive and sail that are diagrammed from multiple formations that will give defenses fits.

Greg Schiano (Rutgers) - Defensive Fundamentals (Preview)
Coach Schiano breaks down his defensive fundamentals including philosophy, tackling, and the circuit he puts his players through when they practice. His drills focus on swarming to the ball, "bite the ball," wrap and roll, sweep the ankle, second man strip, chase strip and more. See how to set it up these drills in a circuit on a field, then shows game film to show how valuable these drills are.

Bill Snyder (Kansas State) - Program Development (Preview)
Bill Snyder discusses his philosophy on building and maintaining successful football programs. He talks about how he communicates with parents and faculty, and how it's important to bridge the gap between your program and them. He then goes into a detailed description of his practice plan and breaks it down period by period and includes drills that will help unify your team.

Mike Stoops (Arizona) - Defensive Schemes (Preview)
Coach Stoops share his philosophy for defending various offensive schemes. He uses film breakdown to show how they position and cover 3- or 4-wide set, double palms, straight QB drop back, various trip sets, pistol, as well as nickel and dime coverage.

Kevin Sumlin (Houston) - Training the Quarterback (Preview)
Coach Sumlin shows you how to train championship quarterbacks, including how to develop the relationship with the coach and different drills and techniques he utilizes. He emphases drilling the QB to be efficient when things breakdown or the QB is on the run. His drills cover quick feet and release, arm warm-up, eyes and ball security, setting feet and accuracy, avoiding the rush, pocket collapse and more.

Jim Tressel (Ohio State) - A Comprehensive Offensive Gameplan (Preview)
Coach Tressel begins by discussing the important role we as coaches have in developing our countries' future leaders through the game of football. Schematically Coach Tressel covers how to attack defenses by using: motions, shifts, formations and tempos. Video examples are shown and discussed as well as how to use these four tools in week to week game and practice planning.

Paul Wulff (Washington State) - Offensive Line Play at WSU (Preview)
Coach Wulff discusses the practice plan of WSU's offensive line. He goes through the order of practice, which is a unique approach to an offensive lineman's practice. He breaks down the drills and the coaching points in every drill, and then goes into pass protection from the offensive line.


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2011 Online Nike Coach of the year Football Clinic
on October 4, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Jimbo Fisher's talk gives you a detailed breakdown of a great catch-all pass play that can be run from just about every possible formation against just about every coverage you'll see. If you've got a tough opponent on your schedule that bases out of quarters and likes to rotate to 3-deep or Man-Free as a change-up, this play is an outstanding addition to your dropback package that will allow your QB to attack all of those coverages with a simple progression and clear reads.

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2011 Online Nike Coach of the year Football Clinic
on August 9, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by RalphJackson105

I thougt the Rutgers video was great, a lot of good defensive drills to do.

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2011 Online Nike Coach of the year Football Clinic
on July 17, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

These talks are easy to watch and very informative. I would highly recommend these for coaches on all levels.

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