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Clinic Notes:

We are working hard to get the remaining clinic notes from our speakers. Please check back often and we will upload the notes as soon as we receive them.

Will Freeman - Diamond Model
Will Freeman - Truths and Team Building
Will Freeman - Team Building
Will Freeman - Pole Vault
David Dumble- Glide Shot Put Drills and Progressions
David Dumble - Discus Throw
David Dumble - Benefits of the Rotational Shot Put
Jake Jacoby - Perfection Before Progression
Jake Jacoby - Melding Explosive Power and Technique in the Long Jump
Jake Jacoby - How to Improve all Three Phases of the Triple Jump
Amy Deem - Training Inventory for Sprinters
Amy Deem - Warm-Ups
Amy Deem - Special Strength Training Exercises
Amy Deem - Practice Plan
Joey Woody - Incorporating Speed, Power, and Strength Development
Chris Bucknam - Middle Distance Training
Chris Bucknam - ARKANSAS mid distance training
Chris Bucknam - 800m supplement work outs
Amy Deem - Hurdles